Are WordPress themes stealing business from companies that create custom WordPress websites?

When it comes having a WordPress website created, as far as the developer is concerned, the client has one simply decision to make; do they have their WordPress website created from scratch, or do they cut costs and find a pre-made WordPress theme that they can then re-brand. But the greater concern for Gold Coast business owners such as my self is; are WordPress themes stealing business from companies that create custom WordPress websites?

There are some awesome themes that can now be accessed – from the likes Themeforest and Woothemes that all have a great foothold in the world of WordPress website design. However, it’s very much important to be mindful of the structure of these themes. They often won’t match your brand or fit your particular plan of action as far as your website is concerned.

Ideally, there is no right or wrong decision here, it really comes down to your needs, and budget – although I should point out, from my experience, clients that have chosen to use a bought theme for their WordPress website can expect to pay up to $1000 or more less than if they were to get my business to create there WordPress website from the ground up. Unfortunately for clients that have a tight budget, a bought theme is often the only way I get their business at all.

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As a website designer, when creating a WordPress websites, it is imperative that I’m able to comprehend all areas of the business for which I’m creating a website for. I must understand their products and services, their plans for the growth and what they want to get out of their WordPress website. From here I’m able to advise them on what solution is best for them, even if it means loss of business for my company if their budget doesn’t stretch to a custom WordPress website.

While it often comes down to budget alone, I thought it would be a great idea to look at the five advantages and disadvantages of each option:

Benefits of Existing WordPress themes

  1. Numerous to select from –basically too many
  2. By selecting a popular theme from a highly rated developer, you can be sure of free ongoing support.
  3. It can make the entire exercise of designing a website quick and easy
  4. In most cases, you can easily swap themes around, whilst maintaining the structure
  5. Potentially more profitable since no development work is necessary

Disadvantages of Existing WordPress themes

  1. It can be very daunting to find a specific theme for WordPress website
  2. Some themes are not responsive so they won’t display well on mobiles and tablet devices
  3. If you decide to change the layout of your theme, you’ll find it easy said than done.
  4. A child theme needs to be created to change the layout and your basically then creating a custom design anyway so you might as well have chosen to go with a custom WordPress website in the first place.
  5. The original WordPress designer/developer of theme could potentially change careers any time soon or shift to something different which will bring an end to the updates.

Advantages of a custom WordPress website

Working from blank pages is always simpler. Despite this, getting that detailed brief from your client is essential to ensuring that every other aspect is allowed for and also given consideration.

  1. Your client might require more input to the WordPress websites themes–though it may still be within reason.
  2. As developers/designers, it is very essential that you stick to the new trends –meaning you should create something new that is still satisfying.
  3. It gives you a chance of creating your own structure as well as plugins to give you the desired flexibility for your specific WordPress websites

Disadvantages of a custom WordPress website

  1. It can take longer than expected in both the design and development stages
  2. It requires a great deal of developmental work
  3. It can be less expensive for considering the above reasons


Are WordPress themes stealing business from Gold Coast web firms that create custom WordPress websites? Well yes and no. In some cases WordPress themes have been the only way I’ve been able to get a client’s business as they offer a more cost effective solution but with the pros and con associated with WordPress themes and WordPress websites, it’s safe to say there’s not only a place in the market for each, but both will continue to bring business to Gold Coast web firms the specialise in WordPress websites, like here at Ignition Media.

If you’re in need a Gold Coast web firm that knows how to create custom WordPress websites, and is also willing to work with purchased WordPress themes, get in touch with Ignition Media. We are a team of hardworking and motivated individuals that are always ready to take on your project (s) anytime. Call (07) 55 687 515 for a free consultation.

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