The basics of web page design

When learning how to create a web page design, the first thing that you should have in mind is that website design is fundamentally the same to print design from numerous points of view. Well sort of, the fundamentals are similar but the #1 thing to avoid with web page design is ending up with a web page that looks like a brochure. You need to comprehend layout and space, how to manage textual colours and styles, and setting up everything in a manner that conveys your message successfully.

In this article, I’ll use my experience as a Gold Coast web page designer to help you identify as well as understand web page design better, regardless of whether you are already an expert web developer or just beginning. Even if you’ve been a designer for a while, the resources in this article are really going to be helpful in honing your skills further and creating better looking, and more user-friendly web pages.

TIP #1:

Look for new concepts on forums that are committed to website design in case you need a head start, or basically to learn the more. There is no limit to the astounding sites on the Internet that provide absolutely free guidance for the taking.

Ready to Ignite Your Website?

The thought of designing your own site from A-z might appear daunting. How would you create a stylishly pleasing website? Where do you begin as far as web page design is concerned? The guidance in this article will help you assemble a site that looks advertises your content and also looks professional.


Make sure that your visitors can search for any specific topic on your website. Individuals who are looking for something specific are certain to be curious about finding the search box as soon as they arrive at your website.

Incorporate search components that allow your visitors to search for content. When they need to discover something, they are definitely going to try to locate the search box. If you do not have one, they might simply proceed to an alternate website instantly. Visitors mostly search for these search boxes at the upper right corner of any website page, therefore be sure to put one that area. Make sure your web page design incorporates this element.


Check for any broken links prior to publishing any web page. Visitors find nothing more frustrating than clicking a link to get an error page.

Keep all your personal data close at hand just in case you need to re-enter it when you return to the same website. Case in point, if anyone signs up for your website and a portion of the data is needed to fill yet another form, be sure to preserve all the data that they had previously entered so that your users do not have to re-enter data time and again. Such sticky information might make the entire process smoother and easier for visitors and they’ll surely whisper a thank you and thumbs up for your web page design.


Stop overexploiting JavaScript. While Java allows opening of multiple doors towards an interactive site experience, a lot of Internet users are going to experience issues somewhere along the line.

A lot of free and paid tools exist to help you develop real stunning sites. They are straightforward, easy to understand, meaning that your site will be up and running before you even know it. Having an appealing web page design is critical for attracting more visitors.


Be sure to always design your website with search abilities. Make sure you put a search box at the corner up on the right-hand side of your website Homepage. This permits the website visitors to type a particular term that shows up anywhere on your website.

It’s quite difficult to ever go wrong with straightforward colours such as white for the background design of your site. The advantage of white backgrounds is that they allow visitors to see the text without having to strain. It also gives your website a professional and trustworthy feel.

Other backgrounds are quite distracting in one way or another and lower the professional feeling of your website. As far as backgrounds are concerned, simpler goes a long way as far as web page design is concerned.


Listen to yourself and know what you are talking about at any particular point in time. A great examination will enable you to develop that perfect site.


Reading throughout this post will get you started as far as web page design is concerned. Therefore consider printing it out and revising it time and again to better understand the content. Continue researching and learning as much as you can about web development and you’ll definitely reach your goals. If you’re learning to create your own web page but find the process to hard, or too time-consuming, get in touch with me at Ignition Media. I’ve been a Gold Coast web page designer for over16 years and would love to create an online presence for you or your business.

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