What are Custom Post Types

WordPress now includes the option of creating custom post types, making it very easy for developers to extend it and use it for any type of business need as a real CMS. Other than default pages and posts, it also allows users to create customised types that suit the content of the website, making site updates easy for the users.

What Exactly is Custom Post Types?

Custom Post Types is actually very different from the inbuilt posts in WordPress. It is actually more of a custom content type. With the advent of this new feature, businesses and users now have a wealth of opportunities and possibilities of what they can do with their WordPress site. Given below are just a few ideas:

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What Custom Post Types Does for Posts

Post is the default type for WP content which is used mostly for blog posts. These are displayed normally in reserve sequence in the blog by time. The newest posts would be displayed first. Posts can also be used to create feeds. Internally, all post types would be stored in the posts table in a single location. All of these are then differentiated by the post type field.

The Pages in WP

The pages are used for creating static pages. These are similar to the posts, however, they live outside the time based normal structure of the posts. Pages can also use special templates for display and can be organized in a proper hierarchical structure. A Page can be a parent to another page.

Other Details to Be Familiar With

Nav Menus, Revisions and Attachments are also the default post types in WP. You can create Custom Post Types with a plugin or manually. Manual creation provides better flexibility.

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