What to Prepare for Your Website Designer

When you first meet with your website designer, it is essential to ensure that he/she knows just what you want. The best way to do that is by being clear on what you want and to do your homework before the meeting.

Things to Think About Before You Meet Your Designer

An idea would be converted to a project only when it has been put on paper. Take the time to think about the overall idea of your website and if you have seen similar websites. Think about the things you dislike and like about those websites. Think about how you want your website structure to work and the content of your websites. Create a scope of work.

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Details to Put On Paper for Your Meeting

The first thing to do would be to create a document describing the website in complete detail. Research about similar websites, creating a list of site links and including all the things that you would like to avoid as well as things that you would like to use from those websites.

The Website Structure

Create a basic structure for your website starting with your Home page. Describe the idea you want to convey on this page. This should be done for every page you want on your website. These would be items that your web designer would put on your menu bar.

Images and Logos

Next, you will also need to think about your business logo if you don’t already have one. Think about the images you would like to have on your website or provide your designer an idea about the kind of graphics you would like.

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