How important is Consistent Branding on a Website

Imagine running a business without a brand. It’s indeed unimaginable! Every business, just like every human being, needs to have a name for identification. Why do you think you can hum a company jingle or recite a product slogan? The answer to this is very straight and simple: consistent branding.

Company branding helps your business to be easily identified, especially when you are competing online. Branding helps build your credibility and trust among current, old, and prospective customers. Once you establish a solid brand, internet users will start to recognise and respect your website, and more specifically the content within it.

Branding begins with your name and logo. These aspects should comprise the solid foundation of your business. It should reflect your business identity; who you are and what you do. Once you establish your name and logo, you should be consistent in using them. Putting a logo or a slogan on your page would help visitors recognise your brand easily. However, make sure that you create something different from your competitors to give a memorable experience to your visitors.

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Next is your company’s website design. Keeping the visuals, colours and typography consistent will help visitors easily identify the character of your company. If you are running an online environmental advocacy, for instance, green perhaps represents the specific kind of advocacy your website supports. Your content should also translate back to your business, as how you would like it to be perceived.

Aside from these aspects, you can also maintain a consistent branding through various platforms. You can get your name, products and services to the public via social networking, email marketing, article marketing, and so on. When promoting your business through these platforms, make sure you stay consistent in the presentation of your image. Relevant content, optimised keywords and thorough descriptions are all essential factors for maintaining online brand consistency.

If you are planning to re-brand your company, make sure that your customers would know about it. Make social announcements through your social media accounts and blogs. You should also make it clear to your followers how your new brand, logo or slogan represents your business.

If you want to achieve a lasting impression in the mind of your customers, make sure to stay consistent in branding your website. Now, if you wish to create a lasting memory to the visitors of your website, contact Ignition Media now. Make your brand memorable so people would not easily forget about it!