How to create an Email Template for Campaign Monitor?

Campaign Monitor is one of the leading email marketing systems available today. It is popular because of its amazing tracking and analysing tools and its pricing system—both good factors that can spell the difference between success and failure when it comes on email marketing.

But one problem with Campaign Monitor was the difficulty of creating an email template for the campaign. Basically, the email template is the design you would use when you’re sending out emails and newsletters to your clients or your leads online (needless to say, via email). Campaign Monitor has templates and it also allows users to edit templates through HTML coding.

This is efficient as HTML coding will allow you to create various designs at your will. However, this is only possible if you have a good working knowledgeable of HTML codes (the Campaign Monitor does offer a very easy to follow HTML coding guide for editing templates; however, for people with no working knowledge of HTML, it will still be a bit difficult to digest).

Ready to Ignite Your Website?

But Campaign Monitor now has an easier option for people who cannot edit HTML: the Campaign Monitor Template Builder.

This application will allow you to use four custom templates:

  • Simple announcement (with a simple one-page layout; best used for short announcements)
  • Basic newsletter (divided into two columns: the main content on the right and the secondary space on the left)
  • Content-heavy newsletter (a layout for email templates that have a lot to say)
  • Image gallery (as it already says, a template that’s perfect for showing of products, photos, and other visual elements)

With the Template Building, you can:

  1. Change the colour scheme of your layout (from the header to the text)
  2. Insert pictures and other visual elements within the template
  3. The header and the footer and
  4. The content
  5. Share links

6. Save your template to export it another day

Now, does this seem too simple? Obviously, it is. The Template Builder is not meant replace actually creating your own email template for email marketing purposes. However, as it is, this is already a huge convenience—especially for people who do not have any background in design and HTML at all. You can also export it so you can further edit it outside the Template Builder program.

This is a game changer for email templates. Contact Ignition Media if you are in need of email template for your online marketing endeavours.