How to Find a Freelance Website Designer You Can Trust

Choosing a Gold Coast freelance website designer is a practical decision if you want a good page on the internet for less money. Freelancers charge less because they don’t have overhead cost and they work on their own (or, at times, with a very small team). Their service is personalized, too, which works for small to medium scale websites.

But the issue with freelancers, at least for some people, is trust. Can you trust a website designer who is not connected to a company? Here are some tips on how to find a trustworthy Gold Coast freelance website designer:

  1. Referrals. Find a freelancer who has done a good website design for someone you know. This is not fool-prove; one is only as good as his last work, after all. But it is a sort of assurance—better than if you get a freelance website designer who does not know at all.
  2. Reference. If you cannot find a referral, then ask for a reference. Basically, this is someone who already worked with the designer, ideally a former client. Ask how the designer was in terms of work ethics and quality (in short: it’s like a job interview). With referrals and reference, you are trying to gauge the professional ability and commitment of the designer. This is extremely important; because you have no one to go to if the designer fails you.
  3. Portfolio. The same as with hiring a company to do your design requirements—but more important. The portfolio will be the basis—you’re main, if not the only, basis, in fact—as to the actual ability of your designer.
  4. Know where to look—or where not to look. This is pretty much self-explanatory. Unless you can prove his commitment and skills, you wouldn’t trust just anyone to do an important project that costs hundreds to thousands of dollars, right?
  5. Experience. How long as the designer been in the industry? If possible, ask for a professional resume or curriculum vitae.

It should be noted that the price alone should never be a basis for choosing a freelancer. An expensive freelancer does not automatically mean he is trustworthy, in the same way that an affordable freelancer is not automatically low quality. Judge skills, experience, and other factors before you judge the price.

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