The best open source solutions for ecommerce websites

The best open source solutions for ecommerce websites

The second quarter of 2013 saw U.S. online deals grow nearly 16% denoting the fifteenth sequential quarter of positive year-on-year development. Later in 2013, in the UK alone, it became a record-breaking season for most online retailers.

With trends anticipating ecommerce sales deals to take even a greater part of retail deals in 2015, it is not at all shocking to see numerous small businesses move to online operations. As small businesses owners, you lack a big budget to work with, despite the fact that you still want to remain relevant in everything that you do. You need a dependable, proficient presence that you can easily set up and still maintain it without encountering any difficulty, and as an ecommerce website developer on the Gold Coast, this is something I know a lot about.

This article addresses individuals that are yearning for that need – increasing your ecommerce website sales, attracting the attention of more potential clients and getting setting the New Year off to a great beginning. Let’s get going:

1. Magento (Community)

The free edition of Magento is a totally free open source software that lets you adjust the core code as well as include features and usefulness by introducing extensions from this special Magento marketplace. Businesses, both small and large, can utilize this community release to run and manage their ecommerce websites; nonetheless it’s very vital to realize that there is lack of an official technical support.

Magento’s key features include administrator panels, a client profile, installation wizards, and notifications through e-mails, item inventory toolkits, deals reports, SSL support, themes and much more. You can likewise oversee discounts, shipping methods, coupons, installment gateways, customers, orders, receipts, invoices, currencies, taxes, user roles, wish lists and much more.

2. Spree Commerce

Spree Commerce is an extensive open-source platform that is fueled by Ruby on Rails. It is very simple to customize as well as maintain and is therefore great for your ecommerce website. It offers adaptability, simplicity of integration as well as backend automation that is meant to assist you assemble your own particular unique storefront.

The Spree marketplace makes it even simpler to oversee deals and sales through various storefronts, both offline and online. You can develop your own custom functionality and also coordinate in-house frameworks into your current workflow. There clearly over fifty payment gateways supported besides the page checkout functionality and Google Analytics functionalities.

3. Zeuscart

Zeuscart targets to help you create and manage your ecommerce website professionally and all on your own, even without any technical IT skills making the whole installation exercise simple and easy to customize. It’s controlled by Twitter Bootstrap meaning it’s completely responsive, and works on virtually all mobile devices and browsers.

4. OpenCart

Opencart is one of the few open-source shopping cart solutions that is friendly to users and search engines. It works on over twenty payment gateways and 8 shipping techniques. It is turn-key ready meaning the installation process is very easy and quick. It is also a breeze to select your preferred layouts and add products and services before you can begin receiving offers.

Management of requests as well as orders is in built and therefore allows you to free lifetime support as well as software redesign updates. Opencart gimmicks unlimited products and service categories apart from offering exceptional documentation, sales reports, multiple tax returns, coupons, tax systems, error logging and discounts.

5. OsCommerce

OsCommerce offers effectiveness as far as configuring your ecommerce website is concerned. This helps you off the ground to begin selling as well as marketing your products and services to your clients securely. It offers you full access and control over your ecommerce website store data, with boundless items, items and categories.

OsCommerce likewise features numerous languages, custom monetary currencies, different payment gateways, back up options, SEO friendly URLs, shipping modules and custom taxes with over seven thousand extra add-ons and modules to download and install.

6. Zen Cart

Zen Cart is totally free, user friendly ad easy to use open-source shopping cart software application, coded in PHP and that calls for a MYSQL database. It is not at all difficult to install, maintain your items up to date without having to do any HTML coding. The advanced layout framework makes it easy to customize or redo the look of your ecommerce website.

You can secure any PHP coding changes amid updates using the inherent override security system. You can likewise control all the data about your items from the Administration section, providing you the capacity to tweak your ecommerce website from one point, quickly and effortlessly.


When it comes to the best open souce solutions for ecommerce websites, my pick goes to Magento, Spree Commerce, Zeuscart, OpenCart, OsCommerce and Zen Cart. Creating a great website calls for dedication, commitment and above all focus from an experienced team such as Ignition Media. Otherwise, it can be a complete waste of time and resources.

If you already have an existing WordPress website and don’t want to start from scratch then get in touch and we’ll help you turn your WordPress website into an ecommerce machine with our ecommerce website solutions for the Gold Coast. We know what suits you and from our hands on experience, we have the capacity of offering world class ecommerce websites. Feel free to contact us for assistance.

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