Benefits of hosting your website in Australia

One of the basic elements included in the conveyance of a quality web hosting services is the physical arrangement of the hosting company on the Internet’s road map. To begin with the conclusion, it is essential for Australian businesses whether it’s a small, medium or large sized business to have an Australian-based website hosting provider. I’ll give reasons shortly so keep reading this article.

So why is it necessary to pick an Australian website hosting provider? This article is for people that are wondering whether to seek international hosting services or just go local. There are several benefits of the latter, as you shall see. Are you an Australian based business thinking of shifting your hosting services to oversea hosting providers? This article is also for you. Before you take that move, think again. Here are some benefits of sticking with your local Australian hosting company.

  • You can access and convey your website content and message quickly since information is delivered quickly to your target audience.
  • You can get to quick local support anytime you need it
  • An active, dependable, substantial service

There are numerous businesses that offer web hosting to Australian companies, yet relatively few of them work from local infrastructures. Most of them are not even managed in Australia. Moreover, the vast majority of these hosting firms that tag themselves as Australian hosting companies, or offer Australian ecommerce website hosting services are basically in the business of reselling hosting services for overseas based website providers (particularly from US). Therefore, this does not make it easy to locate a great local host.

Ready to Ignite Your Website?

Your site content is quickly conveyed to your target audience

In excess of 90% of Australian organisations, the target audience is found in Australia and connects to the internet via local Australian service providers. Subsequently, when hosting your website with local hosting companies, the website content is conveyed much quicker than it would be if it were hosted abroad. A typical order of speed is about 5x meaning local web hosting is quicker.

You can get quick local support anytime

Ordinary, we see individuals moving their websites from abroad based web hosts, in the wake of facing disappointing client support encounters. These individuals might have undergone tough experiences to learn the criticalness of open, accessible and prompt customer service.

One of the numerous reasons why prompt support from Australian local hosting providers is essential is because the operational staff work is coupled with the Australian working hours. This implies that the staff is there not just to receive your queries but also get technical support from the experts in the wake of a serious issue.

Does Google Know Where You Are Based?

Google has the capacity recognise where your website hosting is placed through the IP addresses that are appended to each and every individual website. It is the objective of some of these Goliath search engines to give their clients the most pertinent results without forgetting local hosting. By utilising an Australia IP address, you are simply notifying the search engines that your business or website is situated in Australia.

Ultimately, this will have a greater positive impact particularly on your local search engine findings. In the event that you have a .com site address is it’s very advisable to pick Australian hosting service providers. Otherwise, you risk running into the danger of site running deductions since your business is now no longer located in Australia. Ignition Media can offer you the information and help you need to get your website hosted by professionals, still going local.

Would You Prefer To Help Our Economy?

In the event that you employ the services of Australian web hosting, bear in mind that you are playing a major role as far as building your country’s economy is concerned. In other words you are offering more jobs within your specific industry. Keeping it local will be advantageous to your economy meaning your money and services won’t be swept overseas.

How We Be of Help?

While we don’t offer hosting here at Ignition Media, this doesn’t mean that we don’t understand the players in the Australian sky. We know who is a quality hosting service provider and if you are really looking for high quality and reliable services, here is where to look. We can bet on a Gold Coast hosting companies known as iDeal Technology and CrazyDomains to offer you exceptional service. They are located in Australia and are among the few companies that have dedicated to offer services specifically to small and medium sized businesses in Australia. You can contact us to guide you further.


The life of your business both physically and virtually is dependent on the kind of web hosting you choose. Going local comes with numerous benefits as discussed. It’s the only way that you can be sure of being in the hands of people that care, people than understand the need to keep and grow their local businesses. Local web hosting services will always have the knack to attend to other local hosting needs as opposed to when you have it hosted overseas.

Thinking of bring your overseas based website back home? Be sure to get in touch with either iDeal Technology or CrazyDomains today.

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