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Gone are the days when people had no other option but to use their desktop computer when they want to access the Internet. Today, with the creation of numerous handheld devices such as tablets and smart phones, millions of people are now viewing different websites using various gadgets on-the-go. This advancement in technology has been aided by the grown of mobile network operators offering affordable wireless high-speed Internet service.

In Australia, the growth of smartphone use cannot be ignored. It has steadily increased over the past couple of years and in 2011, 37% of the country’s population were using smartphones. This has increased to a whopping 53% by the first quarter of 2012. Obviously, this has grown even bigger in 2013 mainly because companies like Apple and Samsung are continuously coming up with great gadgets that improve users’ experience. The increased reliability of wireless Internet service providers has also helped enhance the growth of such devices.

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Why make your website mobile-friendly

Small things in business can amount to massive changes. Knowing How Do Fuel Cards Work? How your customers find you? And What is the basic markets need? Can help one make their business much efficient. If you have a website or you’re planning to create one, having a mobile-friendly website is one reality that you cannot afford to ignore. Unless you include mobile website design in your website build, you run the risk of missing out enormous opportunities of being found by your potential clients. Based on research, 51% of Australia’s population uses their smartphone EVERYDAY searching for information, products, and services using search engines like Google. 65% also watch videos on sites like YouTube and these mobile phone users watch at least one video each day. Meanwhile, 78% uses their mobile phone to log on to social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

As to their shopping behaviour, it is worth noting that smart phone users typically search for products and services using their gadgets. The same study confirmed that 62% conduct their research at home, 34% on the go, 25% at work, 20% in a shop, and 19% on public transportation. These potential clients actually use their gadgets to compare prices and get more information about specific products.

Moreover, 22% have changed minds about making in-store purchase after getting more information they have gathered using their gadgets. And get this: 33% product research done on smartphone leads to a purchase being made on a computer and 29% leads to in-store purchases. Now, do I need to say more as to why having a responsive mobile web design is crucial to your business?

How to approach mobile website design to ensure your website is mobile-friendly

Based on the statistics presented above, you’ll definitely agree with me when I say that avoiding a mobile-friendly website is simply not an option. In today’s world, if you don’t get with the times and include mobile website design in your website build, you’re literally killing your business, regardless of what you sell.

Basically, there are two techniques that you can use when it comes to mobile website design: Adaptive and Responsive. If you’re running a small business, the latter is your best option. Adjusting your existing website for today’s Internet users should start by simplifying your mobile website design. Start by viewing it on Google GoMoMeter or access it using your smartphone. This will help you identify the elements that need to be changed in order to give users great viewing experience. The best tip I can give you when it comes to mobile website design is to keep your page design simpler. To help your potential customers, use large font sizes and fat-finger-proof buttons. Also, make sure to put critical information where your potential clients can easily locate them.

Aside from adjusting your web design to make it mobile-friendly, you also have the option to create mobile version of your website. There are several mobile website design services that you can use which will allow you to easily create a parallel version of your site. Although this is considered a shortcut to the whole process, it comes with disadvantages. Search engines like Google and Bing recommend using a one-URL approach for search engine optimisation.

If you don’t want to take the risk, you will need to rebuild your site for display on any device. Needless to say, this will require in-depth knowledge on coding and programming languages. When it comes to mobile website design, adaptive designs are considered high-end. In fact, these are used by huge companies in order to reach the largest online audience possible. Looking for a more affordable solution? Then, use responsive design that uses Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) technology. This is the fastest way to make your mobile web design look good regardless of the type of gadget that your target audience is using.

If you’re using DIY platforms such as WordPress or GoDaddy and everything in between, you can easily tweak your website and make it mobile-friendly so long as the theme that you’re using is labelled responsive.

Meanwhile, if you simply don’t have the time to do this on your own, you have the option to hire professional mobile website designers that have proven track record in creating visually appealing and responsive websites. For a few thousand dollars, you can typically expect great mobile-friendly website that your target audience will love and will properly represent your business in the online arena.

How Ignition Media Can Help

There are so many mobile website designers in Australia that you can choose from when you want to make your website mobile-friendly. However, if you want to do business with the best and if you want to get this done right the first time, Ignition Media is your best choice.

Regardless of your budget, we will still create not just a responsive website but also one that is search engine-friendly so you can be assured that it will have the best chances of being found on search engines.

For the last 7 years, Ignition Media has designed and developed hundreds of professional websites for Gold Coast companies and other businesses around the globe. We pride ourselves for offering not just excellent mobile web designs but great customer service as well. For questions and for obligation free-quotes, please email me at [email protected] or call 07 5568 7515. I’d love to hear from you.

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