A Web Developer Should Be Included in the Design Process, Here’s Why

There is a difference between a web designer and web developer. A web designer uses various graphic design softwares such as InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, etc., and graphics, in order to create a certain look for a website. Whilst a web developer knows different web languages, such as CSS, JQuery, JavaScript, HTML and PHP which is essential for building clean code websites. With this in mind, it is clear that a web designer and a web developer are very much two separate roles. Almost like an architect and a builder, but before you jump the gun and draw up your plans, so to speak, get your builder (web developer) involved in the design process, as you will no doubt end up with a better website for doing so.

A recent article from industry leaders, Smashing Magazine, has perfectly illustrated the importance of including a web developer in the design process, so grab a cup of coffee and keep reading, as you won’t want to make a mistake and approach a web developer too late!

When it comes to design solutions, a web designer who has skills, knowledge and working experience will find the best and most effective ones. But, the others can contribute, by providing their own ideas and solutions. Often, many designers think they are the only ones with proper solutions, but the thing is, even though the designer and developer have two jobs, they have one goal, which is to create a website, which will look good, and run smoothly.

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It should be understood that often, some changes on which the web developer can point, are essential, because thanks to those changes, the performance of the website will be totally different. It will be much better, and it will offer an excellent user experience. If the developer is not included in the process, the consequences can be catastrophic. For example, you can expect to see all kinds of technical complications which will have to be fixed, and all that is time consuming.

Also, be sure to observe the situation from the client’s perspective. The client thinks a certain design will be delivered, and due to the issues incurred because the web developer was not included, the client will be annoyed that design won’t work. Those kinds of situations are exactly the ones you need to avoid, because after all, it will look unprofessional.

Keep in mind, that often, the web developer can deliver certain ideas you have not taken into account, the ideas you did not even consider, because you thought it wouldn’t be possible to pull off. That way, you will have more options and new possibilities. Here, at Ignition Media, our web developers and web designers work closely together.

Many times, the web developer simply must make a decision which will have an impact on the design. However, if the developer is included in the design process, it will change many things, and move them in positive directions. The developer will be in a much better position to point out certain issues, and fill the holes. All the technical complications and errors I mentioned before won’t occur. Also, client’s satisfaction will be at the highest possible level. For all those reasons, the voice of the web developer should be heard, because it will unquestionably change and improve many things.

By including the web developer in the design process, you will surely notice many benefits. As I said at the beginning, the developer and web designer do have two different jobs, but they have the same goal, which is why they need to collaborate on every level of the project. Team work always gives the best results.


When the developer and web designer team up; all the possible issues which can occur when they work separately will be avoided. Ideas offered by a web developer can point to certain possibilities, and solutions, and with those ideas, the website performance will be a lot better, and it will provide a greater user experience. When included in a design process, the web developer will also feel more appreciated. After all, team work is always the key. With all this, on your mind, make sure to include a developer in the design process, because you will see nothing but benefits.

If you want to have your web designer and web developer work together, then choose a web design company that works in your favour, not against it. Get in touch with Ignition Media today and take advantage of all the possibilities.

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