How Google Webmaster Tools can Help Your Website

As a business owner, having your own website is simply non-negotiable. With more and more customers now relying on the Internet to get information on different products and services, you simply must be online. However, having a website is not enough to effectively reach out your target audience and to create successful online presence. You need to have a working knowledge on search engine optimisation to make your website easier to find online. Here at Ignition Media, we have SEO experts who rely heavily on the best website reporting and analytical tools to ensure that our clients’ websites are error free and have the best chances of ranking on Google. For such tools, we count on Google Webmaster tools.

But what is Google Webmaster Tools and why it is the first choice among SEO experts?

Google provides a number of SEO tools for developers and web owners who want to boost their website’s page ranking. Among them is Google Webmaster Tools which is a free web service designed to help webmasters check the indexing status and optimise their website to make them more visible online. The tools give the webmasters the ability to:

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  • Submit and check a sitemap
  • View specific information to understand how Googlebot works
  • Check and se the crawl rate
  • Generate and check a robots.txt file
  • Check the number and quality of both inbound and outbound links
  • Identify specific keywords or keyphrases being used by webmaster’s target audience
  • Get specific information as to what Google considers when it comes to ranking a website
  • Set a preferred domain
  • Receive notifications from Google from manual penalties.

Google Webmaster Tools basically allows you to access the five most important elements of your website. These include Labs, Optimisation, Health, Traffic, and Configuration. In the dashboard, you’ll easily get a summary of all the important information that you need. These numbers will allow you to figure out the weak points of your website. Thus, you can efficiently create action plans on how you can convert these to strengths.

By understanding all the elements of your website, you’ll have a better overview of your target audience and how they view your website in search engines. Under the Traffic tab, you’ll get the list of keywords that your visitors are using to find your website using search engines. It also includes the number of clicks, impression, and click through ration. Once you’ve gathered sufficient information about your target audience, you can easily cater your SEO keywords to them and this can very well result to more traffic to your website.

How to get Google Webmaster Tools

Considering the benefits your website can get from Google Webmaster Tools, it is simply non-negotiable that you sign up and add your site. The good thing is, signing up to it is relatively easy. Just go to this website and sign up. This shouldn’t take you more than five minutes. Then, you simply click the link that says “Add a Site.” After that, you will be asked to verify some information to make sure that the website is indeed yours. To do this, you will be required to add a DNS record to your domain’s registration, add a meta tag to your website’s homepage, upload your HTML file to your server, and link your Google Analytics account to Google Webmaster Tools.

Once you have completed the process and after your site has been verified, you’ll get access to the dashboard which will give crucial information — from the keywords used on search engines to find your website to how much traffic you’re getting. This allows you to understand exactly what’s going on with your website so you can make smart decision on how you can improve your traffic instead of just going in blindly.


Maintaining a website can be time-consuming and it can get frustrating if you’re still not getting the kind of results that you’re looking for. Google Webmaster Tools can help you make the whole process well guided. By getting all the important information in your website, you can make smart decision when you’re trying to improve your site’s visibility and increase your traffic.

SEO experts here at Ignition Media firmly believe that Google Webmaster Tools will greatly aid you in getting your website to rank better on Google. That is why we use it for all SEO clients websites. If you want to benefit from this service and want to boost your online presence, let Ignition Media help. With our expertise and with the aid of Google Webmaster Tools, we guarantee to boost your traffic and your search engine ranking. If you have questions or require, feel free to contact us through this form, alternatively, visit our SEO page for packages and pricing.

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