SEO outlook for the remainder of 2016

If there is anything constant in the world of SEO, it is changing. 2015 SEO trends saw increasing focus on the mobile experience and responsive web design. While this trend is continuing in 2016, there are many other things to look forward to. As a business, you must ensure that you are aware of what’s happening in the world of SEO so that your marketing efforts are not put to waste.

Being the director of a firm specialising in SEO on the Gold Coast, I’m constantly checking up on the latest trends and changes in the world of SEO. In this article, I will share with you some of my predictions and tips for SEO in the remainder of 2016. I highly recommend you consider these to improve the online performance of your Gold Coast business.

Focus on user experience

Whatever your website may be based on, users expect your site to offer a good experience, whether they use a desktop browser, a mobile browser or an app to access your site. Google and other search engines are beginning to phase out websites which do not offer a great user experience on mobile browsers from their search result listings. In 2016, metrics based on user engagement will determine the ranking of websites. Mobile search and apps are also soon expected to become the norm, as Google and Apple have taken huge strides towards apps becoming indexable. With Desktop, Mobile, and Apps all merging into one environment, as part of your 2016 SEO strategy, you must ensure that your website design is responsive and that it works well on all viewing devices. If you have not yet invested in a responsive website, then it’s not too late. Give me a call and I’ll walk you through your options.

Ready to Ignite Your Website?

Site schema markup

With people consuming more and more information at a glance, the organic click curve is changing rapidly. Businesses that don’t consider schema and markup for their websites will soon find less engagement from users. Schema and markup can help a website provide information at a glance, in a way that search engine result pages present it to people. As a business owner, you must look to use schema markup code and boost your SEO strategy. I see far too many websites lacking this simple markup and for the time it takes to incorporate, it really is one of the simplest enhancements you can do to improve a website.

Migration to HTTPS

Security breaches in the digital world keep propping up time and again. While many people think that their websites are airtight and offer a safe browsing environment, the standard benchmark for secure data transfer is HTTPS. Google has already announced that it will be using HTTPS as a metric for ranking websites and website owners must take note of this fact. In order to rank high on search engines, it is recommended that you invest in an SSL certificate, especially if your website handles sensitive user information. As a business owner, you must look to migrate from an HTTP website to HTTPS in 2016. However, if you’re not familiar with migrating a website, it is important that you consult an SEO agency, such as Ignition Media, for proper migration to ensure everything goes smoothly. Our experts will ensure that you can smoothly transition your site to HTTPS without any hassles.

Social Media Marketing

When it comes to online marketing, social media strategies and SEO often go hand in hand. Both these organic and inbound strategies can help attract visitors to your website. Lately, Google has loosened its grip on non-Google social media platforms and today, search engine results include many social media platforms. Many marketers are already taking advantage of this fact and are engaging in high-quality content marketing on social media sites. Social media sharing creates auto backlinks for your site and this can greatly impact your search engine rankings. As a business owner, in 2016 you must make more use of social media marketing. Here, at Ignition Media, we offer comprehensive social media marketing services, ranging from consultation to full-fledged management of campaigns for our clients. If you need a hand in this department be sure to get in touch.
These are just some of the latest trends that are anticipated to dominate SEO strategies in 2016, if you’d like to know how you can further improve your website, then continue reading my blog or contact me at Ignition Media. I have performed SEO for Gold Coast businesses since 2005, utilising a strategic combination of on-page and off-page SEO techniques to improve rankings and increase traffic. Invest in local search marketing for your small business, which is a very effective and inexpensive way to generate clients for your business.


Search engines are constantly updating their algorithms and as a business, you must make sure that you are aware of the latest SEO trends. 2016 will see some changes in SEO trends, including more focus on user experience, more use of schema markup codes, more migrations to HTTPS and more social media marketing. You should consider making use of a professional SEO agency, such as Ignition Media, to help you respond to the latest SEO trends.

For any assistance with the SEO of your website, get in touch with me, Nicole Brooke. I specialise in providing high-quality SEO to Gold Coast businesses and will ensure your website receives the maximum possible visibility on search result listings.

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