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Campaign Monitor vs MailChimp: What Email Marketing System is Better?

Although email marketing has become less a priority or online merchants and entrepreneurs, it hasn’t exactly become useless. While people consume more of their time online at social media sites, they still do check their emails regularly. Point is: there are still eyeballs on emails—and it’s best to exploit this opportunity to get maximum income. An email marketing system is essentially the application that handles this technique. Basically, it sends bulk emails to the marketer’s audience (some systems allow the […]

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The Magazine Layout: Print Trends Online

The distinction between print and online layout standards is blurring. People are seeing more and more conventional print layouts used in websites as well. Why is that? Some people think it’s because old habits die hard. Readers are so attuned to seeing these standard layout designs on magazines that they think it would be chic to apply them on websites as well.

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How to Keep Customers Interested through Fan Pages

Small businesses need as much exposure as possible, and no matter how egoistic and aggressive it may seem, creating fan pages through social networking websites is always a good idea. Creating these pages is easy. You only have to choose an attractive profile photo, prepare all the necessary information about your store, and create handy discussion threads and a list of announcements.

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Working with CSS: Why it’s an Essential Programming Tool

There was once a time when website developers depended solely on tables and cells. This was back when html was still new, and websites were very simple. No one really thought about what would happen if the websites needed to be redesigned. Eventually, though, the cells and tables created problems with the html codes of websites.

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