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WP e-commerce Plugin: Is it a Viable e-commerce Solution?

One edge of WordPress as a content management system is that it has a number of free plugins. And perhaps one of the most useful plugins out there is the WP e-commerce plugin.

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How to Find Affordable Website Designers on the Gold Coast?

If you’re resourceful enough, you can easily find affordable—even, at times, cheap—website designers. Besides the services companies offer, there is also the option of getting a freelancer. But getting affordable service is more than just finding the lowest bidder, so to speak. Here are some tips.

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How to Integration Social Media into your Website

Fact: social media is one of the reasons why the use of search engines has declined. After all, one doesn’t even have to search for something to find it; chances are, he may have found it via Twitter or Facebook before he gets the chance to Google it.

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General Costs of a CMS Website

The answer, of course, is from none to thousands of dollars. At the very least, a website powered by a content management system is free. You can get free website hosting, use WordPress as your CMS and WordPress plugins for website add-ons and features—and you already have a running website.

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