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How to find SEO services on the Gold Coast that really work!

Finding the right firm to handle your SEO is no easy task. There is often a lot of “smoke and mirrors” in SEO. Moreover, with so many scammers around who promise the world, take your money and provide you with nothing, often the only way to know if a firm is working for you lies in measuring results. While past bad experiences may have put you off looking for reliable SEO services on the Gold Coast, SEO is a necessity […]

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6 reasons to consider Facebook Advertising for your business

Advertising on Facebook is increasingly becoming a part of most SEM campaigns. Facebook Ads is a great way to complement Google Ads and other PPC advertising campaigns because of the large audience it attracts. According to roymorgan.com, 13 million Australians visited Facebook per month in the 12 months leading to March 2015. That’s 56% of Australians on Facebook each and every month! This is certainly one audience you want to tap into and there is no better way to do […]

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How To Create A PPC Campaign

PPC is one of the most effective ways to get almost instant traffic to a website. Visit Google AdWords to set your account up now. After setting up your PPC account, learn to display your ad on Google’s SERPs or search engine result pages for the keywords you have bid on and that are of importance to your website.

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