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How Adding a Video to Your Site Can Help to Sell Your Product/Service

Having a website rich with quality content is a sure way to attract visitors and increase your profitability in the process. Besides using the right keywords and creating a quality content, adding videos to your website pages also comes with numerous benefits.

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Covert Promotions: How Product Cameos Work in DIY Videos

If there’s anything the online entrepreneur should learn, it’s the fact that the Internet is a sharing community before it’s a commercial one. People won’t waste time downloading a video that’s too obviously an advertisement for a product. When they do, it’s because the product is well-known and the video is cute or funny.

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The One-liner magic: Micro Blogging at its Finest

A good way for online business owners to keep in touch with their clients is to put up social networking accounts. The most popular networks these days are Facebook and Twitter, and they allow account holders to shout out “news” to their contacts.

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The Difference between SEO and SEM: Which one’s right for your site?

A lot of people use the terms SEO and SEM interchangeably, while others think they’re two different online marketing strategies.

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