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Freelancers versus Website Design Companies: Pros and Cons

Besides the actual skill and ability of the designer, one may consider when planning on having a website developed is whether to choose a freelance designer or a design company.

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Exploring the Open Source: Pros and Cons of Free Programming Languages

Web developers are usually torn between using open source programming languages and commercially-available ones. Programming enthusiasts go for open source languages like PHP and MySQL because they’re more budget-friendly. Also, for these programmers, developing the open source language is part of the fun.

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Pros and Cons of Using Java in your Website

While it’s one of the most ancient platforms in programming history, Java remains a favorite among website builders. The reason why it’s still so popular is probably because it’s free.

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To Flash, Or Not To Flash – Pros And Cons Of Flash Based Websites

One of the biggest consternations among webmasters is whether they should use flash in their webpages or not. To some people, flash can make a webpage look good and appealing in the eyes of the visitors. It can add to the promotional value of the website. However, the most important thing here is that the visitors must be able to reach the website through the search engines or through any other method to appreciate the flash that’s on the page

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Fluid Website Vs Fixed Width Websites – Making The Decision

Fluid websites are websites that stretch over (or compress) to fit in the entire space of the browser of the user. Since different browsers will have different sizes, the fluid website is a good option if you want your webpage to show at page width in the browser.

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Custom Made Vs Open Source

Since the time the open source technology has made its presence felt in the world, there have been several debates on which of the two technologies – custom made and open source – are better. Each of them has their own pros and cons, and definitely their own legion of fans. Here are some points that might help you decide which technology you must opt for.

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