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How to Create A Successful Newsletter Campaign

A successful newsletter campaign can definitely provide great conversion rates and higher sales while elevating your brand. It is important to ensure that you use every tool and trick available to create a successful newsletter campaign. Here’s how: Use All the Data You Have Wisely Once you have all the data of your subscribers, try to break it down into various groups. Create specific lists and then personalise your newsletters based on the characteristics of this group. Personalize As Much […]

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What is Social Media Website Design?

Unless you are Mark Zuckerberg, it’s near impossible for you to create a social media website. However, the most you can do is facilitate a website designer that will turn your page into a social media hub.

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How to Run a Successful Email Newsletter Campaign

The success of an email newsletter campaign depends on several factors especially because email receivers or customers are now more wary related to high spam content being emailed. If you are planning to run an email newsletter campaign then there are certain aspects that need to be considered

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How To Design A Successful Email Newsletter

Normally, I don’t read newsletters but one newsletter caught my attention. It was beautifully designed, not too many colours, and the content was subtle but relevant. The only thing is bold was “Free IPod Stand”. I came to know later on that the company that sent the newsletter had sold more IPods in one month than they had done in the previous quarter.

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How Important Is Optimising Content In SEO

Content optimisation is essential and integral to the success of SEO or search engine optimization. High volume of traffic and website visibility depends largely on the type of content, type of keywords or keyword phrases, and internal and external links.

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