How website design can make or break your business

As a leading Gold Coast website design and development company, Ignition Media fully understands the effect that your website can have to your business. Depending on how your website is designed, it can either make or break a business as this is the first thing that online users see when they visit a website. If they’re not impressed with the website design, they are less likely to stick around.

With this in mind, Ignition Media is dedicated to creating effective website designs that work for you! We not only provide customers with fantastic looking websites that better represent your business in the corporate arena, but we also strategically design websites to increase leads and conversions by giving carefully thought to the websites navigation, tactical placement of call to actions, and clear & easy to find contact details.

How effective website design can mean success or failure of your business

The main reason people get a website is to promote a business. Business owners want to be able to reach out to wider audience, attract more potential clients, and essentially, boost your sales and revenue. It’s also important to think about site accessibility. For more info go to  However, having a website isn’t enough; the same way that having a storefront isn’t all there is to running a business. You need to pay close attention to your website design simply because this will be used by your visitors when they’re making that crucial first impression. It’s important that you give them exceptional experience otherwise they will not come back. You’d also need the help of some certified Salesforce consultants after you set off.

Ready to Ignite Your Website?

Website design is more than just choosing the right colours and the right templates that match your brand. It’s about ensuing user experience is on the top of your priority list and making sure that you can sway your visitors to respond to your call to action.

But how do you exactly do that?

First, focus on making your website easy to navigate. By this, I mean helping your visitors locate the information that they’re looking for ASAP. They must not need to click their mouse more than three times before they get to the page that contain the answers to their questions. Giving them easy access to all the pages will increase your chances of convincing them to stay a little longer. As you know, the longer they stay on your website, the higher your chances you have of converting them to potential clients.

Using clear call to actions and placing them strategically on your website is also extremely important. Never assume that your visitors know exactly what you want them to do. Instead, spell it out to them. If you want them to find out more about the products that you sell or want them to take a quick survey, clearly tell them this to avoid confusion. If needed, provide them with step-by-step guide. Clear call to action is vital to get your sales message across.

Also, putting your contact details where your visitors can see them is also extremely important. Your visitors will want to know how to get in touch with you should they have questions or if they want to place an order. For this reason, it is highly recommended that you put your “Contact Us” button on every page of your website. Placing it in the right hand side of your header is the recommended position. This tells your visitors that you’re running a legit business and that getting in touch with you is easy.

Get the help you need

We understand that although all business owners need a website with exceptional design, not everybody has what it takes to become a website designer. If you don’t have the technical skills needed to design a website, you can depend on Ignition Media to do the legwork for you. Over the years, we have designed websites for businesses around the globe to give them their best chances of being found online. With our unwavering commitment to help you get your business out there, we make sure that your website designs aren’t just visually pleasing, but result in a high conversion rate as well.


If your website design has poor navigation, no call to action and contact details that no one can find, you’ll have little chance in getting noticed online! Get it right the first time and call the best website designers on the Gold Coast… Ignition Media. With 15 years of solid experience and in not only website design but SEO as well, we can guarantee you’ll end up with an exceptionally well designed website that will put you ahead of your competitors. If you have questions or if you require obligation-free quotes, feel free to contact us through this form. You can also talk directly to me, Nicole Brooke, the owner of Ignition Media, by dialing 07 5568 7515 and I’ll be happy to discuss your needs.

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