Benefits of using SASS over Traditional CSS

SASS - Syntactically Awesome Style SheetsSASS, which stands for Syntactically Awesome Style Sheets, is currently one of the most resounding buzzwords in the world of web design. Right now, it is the most stable and most powerful professional grade CSS extension language, which is completely compatible with all versions of CSS.

When compared to other CSS extensions, Sass boasts more abilities and features making it the number one choice of industry experts, tech companies, and hundreds of developers worldwide. This empowers them to insulate themselves from the mind-boggling mechanics of CSS while keeping closer to the semantics and syntax of CSS.

These are the reasons why most web developers prefer using Pre-Processors like SASS instead of just plain CSS.

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The benefits of using SASS over traditional CSS

  1. Reduced number of HTTP requests. With SASS, you can say goodbye to the process of separating each of your CSS files based on content like grid, colours, and fonts which lead to the a huge number of HTTP requests on your website which significantly slows down loading time. SASS enables you to break up stylesheets into multiple files and compile them using one “style.scss.”
  2. More organised responsive web design. Most websites these days are accessed using different device, which include tablets, mobile phones, and laptops. Using SASS, you have the ability to import each of the stylesheets through media-queries in order for you to effectively target different devices and browsers based on the width of the viewport.
  3. Time-saving features. This is particularly useful when working on a large project. SASS will allow you to identify variables that you can reuse throughout your project. If you’re working with fixed width sizes and particular colours, you’ll find this feature extremely useful.

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