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free website builders

More and more people find themselves in need of websites these days. They need to have their own space in the World Wide Web to talk about their passion, to communicate their cause, to build a brand, to promote awareness, to sell products and services, etc. Because of this, more and more free website builders have made their way to the Internet.

Free online website builders are specifically for those people who need a website but a) don’t have the skills, expertise, or required programming knowledge and b) are looking for a cost-effective solution because let’s be honest, not everyone can afford a professional website – especially start-up businesses.

Ready to Ignite Your Website?

Most of the free website builders are offer customisable templates and a wide range of features. However, just like any other product that you can get for free, these website builders come with disadvantages. First, they typically have so many limitations when it comes to features and functions. Also, you do not own these websites and often, these builders only provide your business with a subdomain as opposed you

If you’re building a website for your business, these can pose great disadvantages. But for personal websites like personal blogs, these could be just right.

Below are the list of best free website builders:

WordPress – WordPress is one of the most trusted free website builders in the online arena today and it has been used to create more than 60 million websites so far. It is an open-source CMS/blogging tool based on MySQL and PHP, which run on a web hosting service. People love WordPress because of its simplicity and flexibility. However, others stay away from particularly when they’re trying to build a professional website because of certain limitations which include the inability to use jQuery and JavaScript and plugins to name a few. Also, also places ads on websites which may or may not be related to the theme of the site.


WiX – This is a cloud-based web development platform that people can use to create professional HTML5 web and mobile sites. Professionals recommend this to those who would like to put a lot of pictures on their websites. However, jQuery gallery websites, which WiX typically offers, can be slower to load resulting in high bounce rates and a poor user experience. Also, WiX HTML5 websites source codes can be quite confusing for people who are not all that familiar with HTML5 markup.


Webbly – Offering several features and functions, Weebly is a user-friendly and professional web-building tool. If you’re trying to build a website for personal use or to showcase your interests, Weebly helps you accomplish your goal without requiring in-depth technical knowledge. One thing that set this apart from other website builders is that it offers a convenient drag and drop function. Basically, you drag building blocks such as paragraphs and pictures into the screen when creating your website. The main disadvantage though is, just like any free website builder, Weebly will typically put ads on your website (that’s how they generate income) and limit your website’s function. In addition, a website created using Weebly typically performs very poorly in search engine rankings just like the ones that were built using other free website builders.

Using sites such as WiX, WordPress, and Weebly is undeniably a cost-effective option in building a website. However, before using these website builders, you need to check their pros and cons. Often times, their disadvantages outweigh the advantages particularly if your website is for professional and business use.

If you’re looking for something a little robust, but not ready to call the professions, we suggest you look at creating a self-hosted website with free open-source CMS programs such as or Joomla. (See ‘Why WordPress is better than Joomla’)

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