Usability Mistakes to Avoid in Your Website Design

If you are currently looking to have a new website designed, you need to pay a lot of attention to usability. When it comes to website design, usability is extremely significant. When people visit your website, they expect to be able to navigate easily around the website to find their desired information in a matter of seconds. The greater the user experience, the happier the visitors and when visitors are satisfied, you can count on excellent business results.

As a professional website designer, I have seen many websites fail in useability testing. To ensure your website designer does not make simple mistakes when creating your website design continue reading because in this article, I will explain which usability mistakes you should avoid in your website design.

Too Much Content

High quality content is important for your website, but it doesn’t mean you need an abundance of videos, text, buttons, and so on to achieve this. Too much content will make the site look cluttered, especially when there is just a bit of empty space or not at all. Your goal is not to confuse the users; it is to attract their attention. If you have a cluttered website, it can be overwhelming and you are likely to lose visitors to a website that provides visitors with the information they seek with ease. I suggest you make the content on your website readable, break it into sub headings and allow some empty space.

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Confusing Navigation

There is nothing worse than visiting a website that has confusing navigation. People don’t like wasting their time trying to find the search box or the menu for instance. When it comes to website design, a confusing navigation is one of the worst mistakes you can make. You need to provide an exceptional user experience, and you will do that with clear and simple navigation.

Small Clickable Areas

If hyperlinks on your website are too small, users will find it hard to click on them, and even more so for mobile websites. This is a huge mistake that you must avoid, so make sure to have larger clickable areas when working on your website design. If you want to deliver outstanding usability to the visitors, contact Ignition Media.

No Contact Information

Your website is the presentation of your business. Many people will want to get in touch with you or the business’s representatives, and for that reason, you must clearly provide your contact information. When visitors cannot find a phone number, address, email address or a contact form, they will look up another company they can actually get in touch with.

No Help Support

A website should be easy to use. If people have any kind of issues when visiting your site, or certain questions they would like to ask, then assistance should be provided. Your website should contain a FAQ and customer support page.

Links That Open in New Windows

No doubt, you’ve clicked on a link only to have the page open in a new window and you end up with multiple windows open from the same website. Its frustrating right? When clicking on a link, users expect to see the link open in the same window. You need to meet the expectations your visitors have. Many users find links that open in new windows extremely annoying, so this is something you should avoid if you don’t want to drive your visitors away.

Registration Forms That Are Way Too Long

When users visit a website, they want to get the information they are looking for with ease, and without too much effort. If they need to register, you need to make sure the form is short and to the point. If it unnecessarily lengthy, it means the users will have to invest a lot of their time and effort to fill it out, and this can drive them away. If registration is necessary, I recommend you to leave out needless information, so you can keep the forms as short as possible.


When creating your website design, there are usability mistakes that simply must be avoided. Such mistakes are having too much content, confusing navigation, small clickable areas, no contact information provided, no help support, links that open in new windows and registration forms that are too long. Visitors want to use your website with ease, so you need to make everything clear and simple.

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