Web design elements for good web design

A great looking website can be the difference between opening the doors to new business and closing the doors of your own business. The web design is just as important, if not more important than the products your website sells or the services you’re promoting. Failing to produce a good web design and you’re likely to get poor Google rankings, fewer visitors and you can kiss leads and sales goodbye.

But how do you know your website has a good design? Continue reading as I outline some of the most important web design elements needed to produce good web design.

1. Keep it clutter-free and clean

Our general surroundings have ended up in a jumbled conditioned and your web design should be no exemption. Advertisements, banners, badges icons, pop-ups, signs, buttons and so forth – in some cases can all get a bit overwhelming. So why keep your customers or visitors in mind during the web design stage? Give them a break from all that clutter and noise. Embrace things such as white space and flat web designs. With that, you can be sure to do wonders with your site as well as your visitor experiences. Be sure to keep everything minimal and simplistic and select just the most important content. At times, less is more.

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 2. Do some web design recon

You’re reading this blog so you’re already on the right track. In addition, you can still take your research a step further and begin finding websites with a specific objective: to define what you like and dislike about them. Make some actual or mental notes regarding what you might like to use on for own web design. Would a long scrolling page be effective for your website? Maybe you find someone’s website catchy with this functionality but that does not mean that it will also work for you. Just approach them and leave a friendly message. Whatever you find interesting, you may want to nurture it on your website, too so always find the means to make that possible in your web design.

3. Employ visual hierarchy

What’s this again? The term visual hierarchy means that our eyes give careful consideration and attention to web design space in a specific pattern – patterns can assist you to streamline imperative content on your webpage. For instance, in the event that you create that a ‘Sign up Now’ button, you will definitely want more and more individuals to click it and afterwards follow through to the end of the signup process. Visual hierarchy informs us that our eyes move to start to finish, left to right and top to bottom. So what is the essence of this? You’ll most likely grab the attention of the most eyes if the button is placed at the top left corner of your website. Bear in mind that the more eyes see it, the higher the likelihood of getting more clicks. At Ignition Media, we offer top-class web design services that will surely leave you in awe!

Keep in mind, put your most critical content on these coveted points when performing web design. However, avoid jumbling them all together at one place since this will overwhelm your visitor and ultimately reduce the number of clicks.

4. Simplify your content

The most important element of any website is the content. Its purpose is to offer your visitors answers to their questions. Having said that, avoid making your readers squint to read the text.

Use colours that complement your logo – obviously using pink when your logo is red is not a good idea. Use colours that complement the logo or are supplementary colours that complete the primary colour.

Avoid using small fonts – While your web designer may think small fonts look good, your visitors won’t. They will simply leave your site and find another.

5. Ensure your web design that is mobile-friendly

A UA design is ideally incomplete if it does not look awesome on mobile devices. But don’t despair! As a web designer with 16 years’ experience, I can create an awesome mobile-friendly web design to ensure your businesses doors stay open for many years to come.

Roll out any improvements in your choice but make sure they go hand in hand with the tips that I have discussed above. After all, no business wants to lose a single visitor.

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