Tips for promoting your WordPress Blog

Now that it seems that everyone and their dog have a WordPress blog, what strategies will you employ to reclaim your space and stand apart? Do you believe that your WordPress blog has the potential of growing to even greater heights?

For starters, your blog needs high-quality content as well as dedication. What else do you need to do to break into the online arena? In this article, I’ll give you some of my best tips for promoting your WordPress blog. Truly, creating high-quality unique content is not enough in itself. It needs a little push –promotion—to get to where it is supposed to.

Follow me as I teach you the ABC of promoting your WordPress blog. I will focus on the aspects right from the conception of your WordPress blog through to hosting, social media channelling, SEO as well as any other additional online marketing techniques that you can freely take advantage of. Ready to make a start?

Ready to Ignite Your Website?

Stage 1: Making Your Website Kick Butts

Begin with a customised design

Develop a customised design specific to your WordPress blog. Pick a great theme, a logo, some graphics, a colour scheme et cetera. Default themes make your blog look generic and unprofessional. Here at Ignition Media, I specialise in both logo design and website design for Gold Coast businesses. Get in touch if you need professional assistance.

Creating Unique Value Proposition

This is what tells your visitors why your blog is unique. Take it as an opportunity to present your expertise as well as credentials and make your story AWE…some!

Create High Quality Content

Create content that goes beyond the bar so that it offers answers and gains authority regarding the purpose of your blog. Research, research research. Shh…it’s the only secret!

Make the Content Great

How? Use proper formatting, subheadings as well as awesome graphics and other solid design techniques that make the post easy to read and attractive. If you need help creating content, get in touch. Ignition Media offer blog content creation to meet your budget.

Stage 2: Social Media Marketing

Setup Your Facebook Page, Twitter and Links to Your Social Profiles

Be sure to create a Facebook Fan Page for your blog and be sure to include your logo, blog details et cetera. Post regularly to your page in order to make it more interactive, at least once every week. Setup and fill your Twitter details. Integrate your Twitter profile to your Facebook Page. Also, add social media buttons to your WordPress blog with links that lead to your social media profiles. Ignition Media can also help you out in this department; just visit our Social Media Marketing page for details.

Stage 3: Search Engine Optimisation

Perform Keyword Research and Group Them into Three Categories

Determine the kind of links that you are ranked for. Create that list and include a mixture of both low/medium and high competition keywords and divide them into three major categories: some for your Homepage, some for each category on your WordPress site and several others for individual posts.

Install the All-In-One SEO plugin

Personally, I like the All in One SEO Pack. This is because I find it quite comprehensive and very easy to use SEO plugin. Install it and customize your titles as well as descriptions in your most preferred way.

Optimise Homepage

Optimize your blog titles, meta-descriptions, text as well as other several elements of your WordPress Homepage for the chosen keywords.

Optimise Category Pages

Optimize the title, meta-description, text, and other elements of the category pages for the keywords you selected.

Include Text to Category Pages

If you need to optimise your blog’s category Pages, you will find it very important to also include unique as well as static content for each and every category of your blog. Modify the themes and display the categories in their respective fields.

Optimise Posts As You Publish Them

Prior to publishing each of your posts, make sure you have also optimized them for the selected keywords.

Optimise Blog Link Structure

This is important since it ensures that enough link juice percolates the crevices of your most important blog pages. One very simple way to do this is by ensuring that each and every important page of your blog is linked to and from your blog’s site-wide navigation, either via a widget or menu.

Ignition Media offers compressive Gold Coast SEO services that cover all areas discussed above. Contact us if you need assistance.

Stage 4: More Online Marketing Techniques

Setup Auto Responder/Email List

Grab your visitor’s email addresses by simply creating an e-mail list. This helps you follow up on them and to also stay in touch. Consequently, this will result in more return visitors to your website. Still, it becomes very simple to build a great list that you can easily market your products and services to.

Employ Google Display Network PPC

In case you looking for means for which you can spark traffic to your WordPress blog, try running advertisements on the Google Display Network. Here you can be sure to receive more clicks at a much lower cost, especially if you are targeting visitors outside of the US.

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