What Does the Future of Web Design Hold?

Web design is forever changing and evolving and I am often asked where it will go next. As a web designer with 15 years of experience, I have seen web design change dramatically since the late 1990’s where it was all frames and table based HTML on desktop PCs. Now, if you don’t have a responsive website for viewing on mobile phones and tablets, you might as well not have a website.

If you’re wondering what the future of web design holds, then you’re not alone. No one knows for sure, but we all have certain predictions on the subject. In this article, I will share with you some of my personal predictions for the future of web design.

Responsive web design

In the last couple of years, many things have changed in the world of web design. Who would have thought that mobile phones and tablets would become the preferred devices for many to surf the web and visit their favorite websites? For this reason, we now have responsive web design that allows websites to be displayed flawlessly on mobile phones and tablets. I am sure that as time goes on, responsive web design will only continue to evolve to become more adaptable to new devices that come on the market. Responsive design is what I always recommend to my clients because simply without it, you will lose visitors. It was a huge change in the web design field, and that is why we are all curious about its future. What will happen next?

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Get ready to scroll

Again, with mobile phones and tablets, the fact is, it is a lot simpler to scroll with your finger when using these devices than it is to click on a particular thing, and as you know mobiles are taking over. It is the main reason why I think the future will go in that exact direction – more scrolling, less clicking. If you look at some of the most modern websites, you will notice they all have this in common; a lot more scrolling, and a lot less clicking.

Keep it simple stupid

The next big thing is simpler websites. In order to deliver visitors with a quick loading website that offers the viewer with the information they require in an instance, sites will become less complex and do away with slow loading features. One more important thing – websites will continue to be spacious and clutter free to offer a better user experience. The simpler, the better and that is where web design is headed.

Animation makes a comeback

If you pay attention to mobile apps, you will have noticed that many feature motion graphics, and it seems that users like this. Therefore, it makes sense that websites are now starting to do the exact same thing. While the popularity of animations declined some year ago, it seems like we will be seeing a lot more in the future. While flat design looks amazing, you often need a point of difference to be unique. Animations will do just that – help a website to stand out from the crowd.

Self-developing websites

Have you considered websites that develop themselves? For many, this sounds impossible, but this is definitely something to look out for in the future. Not so long ago I read the article about The Grid, a small startup and their artificial intelligence platform that will certainly change the web design world and its future. Based on the social media elements, photos, videos and content you put on your website, it will actually develop itself. As the owner of a website adds more videos, photos and content, the platform will adapt the website to display the new elements in an intuitive manner. The system is set to launch this fall.


We are all wondering what the future of web design might look like. There have been some huge changes in the past and there are certainly some interesting predictions for years ahead. Expect to see a lot more scrolling and less clicking, simpler websites that offer faster loading speeds and deliver a better user experience, animations and perhaps the most far-out there advance which is already more than a prediction is an artificial intelligence platform where websites will develop themselves. The future is bright, and may even put me out of a job!

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