Are website designers even needed anymore?

Let me start by asking; Would you build the foundation of your home all on your own? Alternately, would you contract an amateur to paint your home? The majority of us wouldn’t. You would instead contract an expert to create and protect what we’ve got to ensure the best possible result. The same can be said when wanting a website. An expert website designer knows how design your website to target your specific interest group. The first impression is always essential, and if your site “speaks” for your organisation in a professional manner then you will likely attract more visitors to your website that you could have otherwise lost or missed.

While I’ve seen many ask “Are website designers even needed anymore?” The answer is yes! And with this article I’ll help explain why.


When contracting the services of a Gold Coast web designer, not only should they be experienced in creating awesome website designs, but they should also know how to provide a great design that is specific and effective to your business as well as industry. A talented website designer ought to know the criticalness of creativity as well as marketing. A viable website should always be exceptional, simple on the eyes, allow easy navigation, effective navigation, and work legitimately with all the other significant Internet browsers.

Ready to Ignite Your Website?

Preserve Time

By contracting an expert website designer on the Gold Coast, as opposed to building the website on your own or using readymade designs, you will have spared yourself a great deal of time, effort as well as disappointments that come from a poorly designed website. There is a wide range of abilities and skills that are important in developing professional websites. Moreover, there are numerous aspects in relation to web development far beyond just learning the coding language. An expert web designer is not just skilled in web design but also remains relevant in other major areas such as marketing, communication, CSS, HTML, SEO, photo optimisation, JavaScript among several other languages such as PHP, Flash and several others.

Always being on the Lead

Rivalry is always in play regardless of the industry, and organisations are utilising the Internet to wedge a competitive advantage over their fellow competitors. On the off chance that your rivals successfully gain an online presence ahead of you, be sure that it will be quite difficult retracing it. Anyway, launching a great website lets you take over! This is why you need that great website designer. If you’re looking for a Gold Coast website designer that is experienced in SEO and can create a strong online presence for your business, then give Ignition Media a call.

Uniqueness / Customisation

What are your strategies to help make your website stand out bearing in mind that there are numerous sites on the Internet? Surprisingly, as of 2013, they were already close to one billion websites. You may be tempted to purchase an awesome website and the whole process might appear easy and cost effective. The truth however remains that you risk having your site look like the rest of the pack. Additionally, numerous custom features that you may require for your site, for example, the contact form, forums, galleries as well as other special scripts are basically not accessible with any purchased theme I’ve see. If your website has a purchased theme then know that you will need a website designer to update and expand it sometime in the future as your business grows. This means that the role of these professionals is here to stay.

A Clear Message

An expert web designer is knowledgeable and easily knows how to convey that message. These experts are also great at marketing in addition to channeling your message through proper use of fonts, color, shapes, and layouts among several others to effectively grab the attention of the reader in mind.

The Power behind Search Engine Optimisation

A standout factor of web design is its ability to have a stable online presence in search engines. It is pointless to have an extraordinary site that does not appear anywhere in search findings. Ranking high in search engines means you will likely catch that number one spot on search results where your potential customers will find you. An experienced website designer understands what is required to develop your website in a way that search engines will find it and rank your website. This is also known as search engine listing and is the most effective yet legal way to grab those top coveted spots. For more information on Gold Coast SEO services, visit this page.

Browser Compatibility

Sometimes browser incompatibility occurs especially if the website shows broken links to site visitors on different web browsers. The explanation behind this is that diverse browsers (Internet Explorer, Mozilla, Chrome, Safari, and so on.) have distinctive standards for displaying website pages. What looks impeccably fine in Internet Explorer might appear be cluttered wreckage in Chrome. Professional website designers, such as those here at Ignition Media, understand the tricks to making that website visible on all browsers. Moreover, an experienced website designer will test your site on multiple browsers ensuring that the vast majority of people using other browsers can view your content properly.


With these areas discussed above, it is definite that web designers are not only needed, but that they are here to stay. They needed to customise websites and create an edge that no bought theme can offer you. At the end of the day, you will have not only a website that meets your requirements, but one that creates an online presence and attracts visitors every day. Find more information about our Gold Coast website design service to get started today.

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