Benefits of Hiring a Graphic Designer

Logos, banners, letterheads and other design elements play a powerful role in the brand and marketing of a business. Why else do some of the biggest brands in the world such as Coca-Cola update them regularly? In this day and age, the design elements used to represent your Brisbane business need to look outstanding not only on paper but also on your website. When looking for a graphic designer in Brisbane, careful consideration must be made to ensure they can best represent your business. Let me illustrate why by helping you understand the benefits of working with such a professional.

Why You Need a Graphic Designer

Any Brisbane business that wants to be truly successful needs graphic designers as they can help you with:

  • Branding: The graphic design process allows you to create a corporate brand that can add instant recognition to your business when seen. By having a good graphic designer in Brisbane, you can easily communicate with them in person so they can create, and then use this branding for business cards, letterheads, posters, social media branding, websites and any other digital or print media created to represent your business.
  • Consistency: I can’t emphasise enough the importance of consistency especially in regards to raising brand awareness and credibility. Going back to our Coca-Cola example, we know that its main colour is red, and how often when you see red in advertising do you instantly think of Coke? The primary reason for consistency is to avoid confusing your target market and to continually keep you brand at the forefront of their minds. But, it’s essential that you hire a reliable graphic designer who can work with all these elements from business cards to logos. Find out more by reading my previous post ‘How important is Consistent Branding on a Website
  • Mobility: When we talk about mobility, we’re referring to mobile websites. You see, it’s no longer sufficient that your website is accessible in desktops—it should also be seen and be interactive in mobile devices!
    Here’s why: try looking around. What do you notice? Almost everyone has a mobile phone or a tablet, and this device is usually connected to the Internet via WiFi or data. In fact, about 40% of those with Internet-enabled devices had shopped using their mobile phone or tablet in 2013.
    While you also have to work with your website designer and web developer to really make your website work in these tiny devices, a graphic designer makes sure that your logo, icon—everything—appears just as great as when seen in a desktop browser.

Hire a Graphic Designer in Brisbane

By now, you may understand the benefits of hiring a graphic designer in Brisbane. But the question is, where should you look for?

Ready to Ignite Your Website?

Many business owners and even marketing specialists and managers make the mistake of bringing their business overseas. It’s really a problem for one thing: communication.

  • There’s a huge issues when it comes to language barriers and time zone differences.
  • You have to wait for at least 24 hours before you can hear from them.
  • Not everyone has a reliable Internet connectivity so even if you want to communicate in real time such as through Skype, it’s still a challenge.

We encourage that you work with a graphic designer that is based in Brisbane. By having them close by, you’ll have the opportunity to talk to them and discuss your needs and demands face-to-face.

Customisation is more comfortable, easier and quicker. Because you’re able to deal with them one on one, you can get the custom results you need to set you apart from other companies. Graphic design really is the foundation to every visual aspect of your business so it’s important that you give it the thought process it deserves.

With a graphic design, you can discuss the following to name a few:

  • Corporate profile
  • Objectives of the graphic design
  • Target market and position
  • Budget
  • Deadline

These things will be part of your graphic design brief, which shall help you and your chosen graphic designer set the right expectations with respect to your needs and the details and demands of the project.


Never underestimate the great importance of graphic design. It plays a huge role in creating the perfect brand for your business. Imagine a product that doesn’t have a label or a business without a logo. It’s like an enterprise without an identity! You can easily get yourself lost among your competitors and even before you have started, you’re already on the losing end. You haven’t given your own dream a chance.

But the benefits of graphic designer need to be supported by hiring the right one. Brisbane is teeming with creative talent who you can meet one-on-one for the best customisation.

Ignition Media specialises in not only website design, but also graphic design and can create logos, business cards, posters, letterheads and social media branding for your business. Please visit our logo design page for more information.

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