What to Expect from Responsive Web Design

From the moment the Internet became available, until today, many things have changed. At first, in order to access the Internet, and to check the content on a certain website, there were only desktop computers, laptops, and a bunch of cables. At some point, mobile phones were included in the group of devices from which you could access the Internet. In order to allow users to check the website content, a mobile version of the website needed to be created. However, those versions had a major issue – the content was fairly reduced, as well as the functionality. Another issue was the screen size, because there is a wide range of sizes, there was a question as to which size you should choose. Responsive web design solved all those issues. It involves various techniques and methods which lets the website adjust to the screen size. That is exactly why it is important to build a responsive website.

In this article, I’ll explain what you can expect to see in responsive web design moving forward, starting with wearable devices.

In the last couple of years, we have all been witness to the major improvements made in the mobile device industry. Smartphones have taken precedence. Competitors are giving their best to be innovative, to offer better performance and design. Along the way, mobile web is in expansion. Since screens come in different sizes, it is a completely logical solution to choose a responsive design when building a website. Moreover, web design, and responsive web design, is basically assimilated concepts.

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Thanks to responsive web design, we can all access the Internet from various devices, such as smartphones and tablets, while we are on the move. There are no issues such as reduced content or functionality.

The thing is; technologies are constantly improving. There is always something new, which is why we should expect to see responsive web design moving forward. If you have been wondering in which direction responsive design will move, the answer is wearables.

One of the most recent and biggest tech news stories came from Apple. The company launched the Apple Watch, in three different collections: Watch, Watch Sport and Watch Edition. We have seen some smart watches before, but this one is definitely considered as the best one in this device category. This watch has all kinds of features, including built-in apps, such as phone, messages, camera, remote activity, workout, maps, Siri, music, etc. There are also other apps available in the App Store, but soon after you check them all out, you’ll notice something is missing. There is no web browser. With all the apps available, it is clear that Apple would not miss the chance to add a browser, but it simply wasn’t possible since the screen is small. It is the same story with the Android wearables.

Right there, you can see the future of responsive design. Wearables are great. They are practical and they are beautiful. However, a web browser is not an option. Not yet. At the moment, you can use apps, listen to music, check out the stock markets, or see new posts on Instagram, but that’s it, for now. Also, we should expect some new and innovative devices to hit the markets around the world, which means web designers will have more challenges, not just wearables. There are many great things ahead.


The times have changed, and modern technologies are improving daily. We are all a part of it. In order to be successful in your field, web presence is a must. Since many people browse the Internet from other devices, not just computers, responsive web design is crucial. With it, your website will adjust to the screen size, and users will be able to read the data with no limitations. With the expansion of new devices, including wearables such as the recently launched Apple Watch, responsive design and its entire approach will change and improve. That is the future of responsive design, because there will always be new challenges and new devices.

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