What are the best eCommerce Analytics Tools?

Perhaps the first and most important thing of all is that selecting an appropriate analytics tool requires time investment. You may have come across several analytics tools online and even given them a shot but the truth lies in the fact that “some of them are more equal than others.” The importance of an ecommerce analytic tool cannot be stressed further. As a developer that makes a living out of creating ecommerce website, I recommend that every ecommerce website owner installs an analytic tool on their website. There are specific features that make these tools a must have for ecommerce websites.

In case you are one of the many people wondering which analytic tool to use and which one to avoid, then I’ve got some tips here for you. In this article, you’ll learn seven of the best ecommerce analytics tools that all ecommerce website should have.

1. KISSmetrics

In the event that you are searching for a complete ecommerce analytics tool, then Kissmetrics should truly be on top of your list. Kissmetrics offers a compelling analytics solution that provides a great deal of good information helps you achieve your client acquisition as well as retention rates. Through the extremely nifty gritty data displayed, you can settle on better choices on not just the format, but also the promoting aspect of your ecommerce website store.

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2. RetentionGrid

An alternate analytics solution that is almost as popular as Kissmetrics is RetentionGrid. These two are always mentioned in the same line –the line of offering exceptional data regarding your ecommerce website. What’s extraordinary about Retentiongrid is its uniqueness in giving the information in a straightforward and easy to understand manner.

Moreover, it offers simple color coded charts among other data analysis techniques. Besides, RetentionGrid offers suggestions on the most proficient method to best achieve the distinctive segments and at the end of the day lets you decide on what sort of promoting works best as well as which campaigns will bring amazing results depending on your specific audience.

3. Google Analytics

Aggregating a rundown of the best of class analytical tools without including Google Analytics is similar to talking about Italy without mentioning Pasta or Pizza. Honestly, the Google Analytics tool is a standout amongst the most extraordinary website analytics tools utilized by site owners from all around the world. The main disadvantage is that so as to get the detailed itemised reports, you have to invest in time adjusting some of these distinctive tools. On account of this analytical tool’s popularity, there are truly many tutorials on the web, likewise on account of the same factor; it can be effortlessly incorporated into numerous ecommerce website platforms.

4. Clicky

One of the factors that make Clicky so prevalent is the manner in which it is very easy to use which means regardless of how experienced you will be, you’ll still have the capacity to utilise this special analytics tool. One other viewpoint that sets Clicky from the pack is their live data that is made accessible all ecommerce website owners.

5. Adobe Marketing Cloud

Adobe Marketing Cloud is an alternate effective tool to analyse your website and is very popular among several substantial ecommerce websites. Notwithstanding, before you take a leap towards using investing a significant amount of money, please be mindful of the way in which it requires significant knowledge in application to properly set it up and running. Moreover, it can take time before you get the exact data that you really need.

6. RJ Metrics

RJ Metrics is not your Google clone; it really goes above and beyond. Not only does RJ Metrics offer a nifty gritty ecommerce website analysis, is likewise makes recommendations on things you can work on to improve and to help your ecommerce website develop. Besides, in the event that you are simply beginning with your ecommerce website, then the RJ Metrics offers you numerous extraordinary suggestions and tutorials to get you off the ground. Follow me further.

7.  Crazy Egg

Crazy Egg is not as much a great ecommerce store tool despite the fact that it makes it to our list of the top seven but it really serves a great purpose on any website. The reason why I included it in this list is due to the fact that it is the best of all the rest of the analytics tool solutions. Secondly, it offers very comprehensive yet easy to read and understand friendly graphs. It also offers you data in form of heat maps that can be utilised to identify areas of your ecommerce website that require monitoring or changes.


Most ecommerce website analytical tools offer you a complete overview of what is happening in your store. However, that does not mean that you’ll always get that clear line of actions with every analytical tool. Select an analytical tool that matches each and every insight displayed by your products as well as services and keenly watch the effect of the selected analytical tool as far as your store is concerned.

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