Invest in a web design upgrade and reap the rewards

Based on statistics, one in every six internet users uses their mobile phones to access the internet to get information about products and services and to locate different types of businesses. This statistic alone proves how crucial it is for every website owner to upgrade their website to ensure it’s mobile-friendly otherwise, they will definitely miss out on many business opportunities not just from local Melbourne clients, but potentially worldwide!

There really is no time like the present to take action and put your business first. If you’re a pro-active individual looking to help better you’re business, then look for a company who excels in web design in Melbourne. At Ignition Media, I personally specialise in responsive web design (mobile websites) and offer cost-effective web design upgrades for older websites that are not yet mobile-friendly.

Ignition Media specialise in web design upgrades

Take a look at the following graphic to understand how a  web design upgrade will transform your website when it’s viewed on a mobile device, pretty cool right?

Ready to Ignite Your Website?

By investing in a web design upgrade and making your site responsive, you can expect to reap enormous amount of benefits; First, your potential clients will be able to access your website whenever and wherever they may be. Based on my experience, this will not only increase your traffic but also improve your conversion rate – it really is a win-win! Second, a responsive web design upgrade provides your target audience with an easy way to contact you. Let’s face it, today’s generation are lazy and demanding, it’s true, I’m one of them. We want everything right now and don’t want to lift a finger to get it. As you know, the sooner you establish contact with these people, the better. Offering a responsive website does just that. Let say for example that you own a Hair Salon in Richmond, and someone near your location can’t be bothered going to the city, and want to go around the corner to a local salon for a trim. Chances are, to find a business close by they’ll pick up their phone Google ‘Hair Salon Richmond’ and if your site is mobile-friendly, they will be able to visit your site and get your address with ease. Bam! You have a new client!

A responsive website will not only make your website accessible through the use of smartphones. This will also make it possible for online users to view your website using different tablets. By making sure that your website is accessible to as many devices as possible, you increase your chances of reaching more potential clients and this would mean more traffic and better chances of closing more sales.

Convinced that investing in a web design upgrade is worth every penny? Then, I can help. Ignition Media has years of experience providing not only web design in Melbourne but across Australia. Take charge of your business and give it the best chance possible to reach your target audience, you may just thank me.

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