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Are you taking advantage of content marketing?

Today, it is very important for every business to invest in online marketing. In a world where the buying process often starts with a Google search, business owners must look to build a digital audience for their products and services. Websites are ranked on such search engines and the better a website’s ranking, the higher up it appears on search engine results. I find, the most effective way of getting search engines to recognise and favour your website, is to take advantage of content marketing.

Here, at Ignition Media, we realise the importance of content marketing and as the director of the company, I often emphasise this importance to our clients. Today, in this article, I will do the same and explain why “content is king” and why you should make use of content marketing to add more value to your business.

Before I jump into the advantages offered by content marketing for your business, I will first explain to you what is meant by content marketing.

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What is content marketing?

Content marketing refers to the process of creating and sharing of content online, so as to attract and convert potential visitors into customers and customers into repeat purchasers. Content that you share needs to be closely related to the products and services that you sell. Through content marketing, you will basically be educating people about what you are looking to sell and this way, you will get people to know and trust you enough to end up doing business with you.

Content marketing works hand in hand with traditional copywriting, making use of blogs, videos, podcasts and various social media sites in order to reach out to the masses. Effective content marketing ensures that you are able to reach a wider audience, with many people in this audience group subscribing to your content and sharing it further with others.

Content marketing allows you to build a loyal audience base for your digital business and this translates into more sales for you.

At ignition Media, I work closely with my clients to understand their business. This allows me to develop quality content for their websites and blog, so as to add value to their digital business. I pride myself in having successfully promoted a large number of businesses through content marketing, which for clients, is also one of the most affordable ways of promoting their website.

Why content marketing is important for your business

While content marketing refers to the sharing of content, you must ensure that the content you share is of high quality and is also helpful to your audience. By promoting such effective content, you can build your brand online through your website, your blog, social media sites and other mediums. The more effectively you share content, the more people will become familiar with your brand. Effective content marketing will also instil trust in your audience, allowing them to become potential clients.

As mentioned, most forms of buying start at Google these days. Recent statistics show that 50% of consumers visit a store within 1 day of their local search. As such, you must ensure that you have a solid digital marketing campaign in place so as to be recognised by Google and ranked well on search results. Here, content marketing can help you in search engine optimisation, which in turn generates more leads, more conversions and increases brand awareness and customer loyalty. Google is much more rewarding towards websites that offer quality content that answer the questions people are searching for.

Today, classic forms of marketing simply do not cut it. There has been a shift in power from the side of marketers to the audience and the modern day audience does not like the interruptive and intrusive forms of marketing, which were once so successful. Audiences now want to discover and find more about what they are interested in and they can only be reached out to through effective content marketing.

To quote successful entrepreneur and creative leader Craig Davis, “Don’t interrupt people with what they are interested in, BE what they are interested in!”

As such, content marketing can be thought of as the way you can to talk to your customers online and persuade them into doing business with you. If you provide enough value through content, people will soon recognise you and they will be more inclined towards paying for your products and services.

Ignition Media offers various copywriting services, which include content creation and marketing. We carefully plan out projects so as to deliver informative content for our clients and add value to their websites. We also recommend that all our clients get a blog installed on their websites.


If you own a website and are looking to make a business out of it, you certainly cannot escape content marketing. Content marketing is one of the cheapest and most effective ways to get your website recognised and promoted. Content marketing can add good value to your business as mentioned above and it is also the easiest way to improve your websites search result rankings.

For high quality content marketing, including website content and blog content creation, Ignition Media is here for you. Give me a call on 07 5568 7515, or contact me through the website to take advantage of the copywriting services on offer.

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