Advantages of working with a Freelance Web Designer on the Gold Coast

If you’re looking to begin a new web project, one of the first decisions you need to make is whether you want to work with a web design company or with a freelance web designer on the Gold Coast. While you can definitely choose to work with a company, working with a freelance web designer can offer you many more benefits.

Ignition Media is very much a one-person operation. As a freelancer web designer, I myself know precisely the advantages companies have when working with a freelance web designer on the Gold Coast; it is how Ignition Media continues to flourish year after year. In this article, I would like to point out some of the benefits that working with a freelance designer, such as myself, can provide you.

Lower costs

The biggest advantage of working with a freelance web designer on the Gold Coast is that we are much more affordable than working with a web design company. Freelance web designers who work from home do not have to rent an expensive office space on the Gold Coast, saving up on tangible costs. Moreover, freelance web designers do not need to have to deal with the other overheads of running an company. Given these reasons, freelancers often provide lower quotes for working, which cannot be matched by any web design company. Ignition Media operated from a home office and offer the very best quality web design services at the lowest possible prices.

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Better flexibility

Another great benefit of working with freelance web designer on the Gold Coast is the flexibility that they offer to their clients. Freelancers are able to work irregular hours and are not confined to only working Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm. There are no time shifts and freelancers can work efficiently to a schedule. You can greatly benefit from the added flexibility offered by freelance web designers as your designer can continue working, even when you’re not. This way, you may even be in a position to leave an assignment of Friday evening, only to find it completed and up and running by Monday morning, while you enjoy your weekend. This type of flexibility in working hours is generally not offered by Gold Coast web design companies. At Ignition Media, I am available and able to deliver projects in a timely manner, always.

Better productivity

Given that freelance web designer on the Gold Coast need to compete with much bigger companies, they cannot afford to slack off. Freelancers who are not efficient will lose out on clients and this is something that they always try and avoid. Furthermore, when you deal with a freelance web designer like myself, you do not have to deal with any middlemen. There is no chain of communication involved and you get to speak directly to the person who will do the work. Not only does this save time and effort on your part, but it also ensures better productivity. By working with freelance web designers, your project can always be completed in due time or sometimes even before time. Clients are continually impressed by my high productivity and output which you can view for yourself by reading my client testimonials.

More expertise

Experienced freelance web designer usually have broad expertise, spanning different types of projects. By working with clients from diverse locations, freelancers build on their skill set and have a wide range of capabilities. A freelance web designer is not limited to only one aspect of the web industry, but is also well versed with marketing, search engine optimisation, usability and much more. Freelancers undertake far more responsibilities than a web designer working at an agency and this enables them to be better thinkers who are capable of innovation. Your business will greatly benefit from this vast experience that freelancers bring with them. As you can see by the serviced offered at Ignition Media, through my 15 years as a web design, I have picked up a wide range of skills including SEO, SEM, copywriting, logo design, web marketing and much more!

Better loyalty

Web designers and programmers who work for a company are only loyal towards their employers and are much less committed towards clients. A freelance web designer, on the other hand, works completely to serve clients and looks to build a relationship of trust and loyalty. By working with Gold Coast freelance web designers rather than a company, you can ensure that your tasks are done better and with more commitment. Not only will you be able to meet deadlines, but you can also depend on your freelancer to make future improvements and upgrades if the need be. Ignition Media has continued to be a force in the industry because I am completely devoted towards my clients and I work towards satisfying my clients’ needs, both throughout the project and also post its completion.


If you need help with a web design project on the Gold Coast, it is advisable that you hire a freelance web designer rather than working with a web design company. Freelancers like myself can offer lower costs, better flexibility, better productivity and better loyalty and bring far more expertise to the table than any web design company.

As a freelance web designer on the Gold Coast, I am competent of offering programming, content, SEO and SEM services, to work towards achieving the best possible results for your business. Get in touch with me, Nicole Brooke, and I’ll happily assist you with all your website design needs.

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