5 easy tips you can do to improve your website design (and performance)

So you’ve got a website up and running, but you’re not really sure on how to improve its design and performance? Well, there are certainly a number of things that you can do to increase the number of conversions and sales that you receive from your website, however many of these techniques can be quite advanced and can be difficult for the average Joe to implement on your own.

As the director of Ignition Media; who specialise in website design on the Gold Coast, I have helped hundreds of businesses build and optimise their professional websites for better performance. In this article, I’ll put forward five of the simplest tips that you can implement to help improve the design and performance of your website. Listen up!

Customising title tags

Customising the title tags of your web pages is one of the easiest and quickest ways of helping your website improve its organic search rankings. Title tag optimisation helps search engines know what your web pages are about and proper title tags can increase visitor click through on organic search results. This will provide you with more potential leads and also sales from organic search traffic.

Ready to Ignite Your Website?

Ignition Media’s SEO packages include advanced title tag optimisation techniques. We have consistently delivered websites which rank well on leading search engines including Google and Bing.

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Optimising existing page content

Before you look at creating new content for your website, you should first look to optimise the existing content that you have. Simple on-page optimisation techniques, such as making use of header tags, anchor text linking of web pages to each other, writing custom meta descriptions for web pages and adding title and alt tags to images can dramatically improve the performance of your website.

Whenever I am approached with the request to optimise a client’s website, the active step I take is to optimise the existing content. I specialise in on-page optimisation techniques, which in my opinion, is the very first step in optimising a website.

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Providing contact information

Many website owners make the mistake of having important information, such as their contact details, impossible to locate on their website. This makes it very difficult for not only potential customers, but also search engines to find and should be avoided at all times. You need to make it easy for people to locate your contact information, especially on the web. By displaying your contact information properly, your local search marketing endeavours will benefit as well. This is one important element of a website that I make sure is display properly so that it is easily visible to robots as well as visitors.

Including only what you need

The best websites are those that look clean and tidy and are free of any unnecessary clutter and information. For new customers visiting a website, too much information can prove to be confusing. Make sure that you do not provide too much text, too many links or too many images in your website, as this might overwhelm a potential customer and in turn, make them leave your website – include only what you need on your website. Not only does this improve the landing page experience of potential customers, but this can also help increase your returns on investments. When I design a website, my goal is always to create a clean clutter-free website that has one or two clear ‘calls to action’ without providing too much information all at once.

Keeping your content current

While you may consider updating your website periodically, you must certainly look to keep the content of your webpages current. Make sure to get rid of out-dated information, such as incorrect pricing of products and services and sales announcements that have completed. Out-dated information can destroy the confidence customers have in your website and consequently, your company. I work closely with my clients to make sure that their websites are kept up-to-date by providing affordable management plans.

Ignition Media has been in the business of designing high quality websites since 2005. Every website that we design is tailored to suit our clients’ requirements and we optimise each website to be as user friendly as possible. We have helped deliver the best possible conversions and sales to all clients.


There are many aspects to improving the design and performance of your website. The basic steps include customisation of title tags, optimisation of existing page content, displaying of contact information, keeping your content current and including only what you need in your webpages. While you should be able to handle these basic steps on your own, there are many more advanced steps to take to further improve the performance of your website. That’s when you need to seek the services of a company that specialise in website design on the Gold Coast.

Ignition Media a leading Gold Coast website design company, which can effectively handle all these tasks. Over the years, our clients have ranged from national to international clients, some of them small online based start-ups, and others being leading service providers in Australia. Give us a call at +61 7 5568 7515, or contact us through our website to find out how we can help improve the design and performance of your website.

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