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5 tips for creating a successful email campaign

Email marketing is one of the best ways for a small business to reach potential clients. Email campaigns can be created for newsletters, to promote a sale or offer, ecards and much more. But first, let’s take a look at why email marketing is such an effective marketing tool. According to a study performed by, 64% of companies rated email marking as the most effective marketing channel. Upon further research, I also found that 89% of marketers stated that […]

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How to create an Email Template for Campaign Monitor?

Campaign Monitor is one of the leading email marketing systems available today. It is popular because of its amazing tracking and analysing tools and its pricing system—both good factors that can spell the difference between success and failure when it comes on email marketing.

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Campaign Monitor vs MailChimp: What Email Marketing System is Better?

Although email marketing has become less a priority or online merchants and entrepreneurs, it hasn’t exactly become useless. While people consume more of their time online at social media sites, they still do check their emails regularly. Point is: there are still eyeballs on emails—and it’s best to exploit this opportunity to get maximum income. An email marketing system is essentially the application that handles this technique. Basically, it sends bulk emails to the marketer’s audience (some systems allow the […]

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Top 5 Email Marketing Software Websites

There are a wide variety of email marketing software websites over the Internet today. Choosing the top 5 most popular and effective websites can be a bit difficult. However, since some sites stand out over the other, you’ll do best to consider these programs to not just keep the costs down, but also ensure you newsletters reach their target audience effectively.

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How to Run a Successful Email Newsletter Campaign

The success of an email newsletter campaign depends on several factors especially because email receivers or customers are now more wary related to high spam content being emailed. If you are planning to run an email newsletter campaign then there are certain aspects that need to be considered

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How To Design A Successful Email Newsletter

Normally, I don’t read newsletters but one newsletter caught my attention. It was beautifully designed, not too many colours, and the content was subtle but relevant. The only thing is bold was “Free IPod Stand”. I came to know later on that the company that sent the newsletter had sold more IPods in one month than they had done in the previous quarter.

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