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6 epic mistakes to avoid in web design

I find it difficult to believe, but still, in today’s day and age, where you cannot escape the internet, over 50% of Australian businesses don’t have a website. In fact, according to the ABS, just 47% of Australian businesses have a website. If you’re looking to grow your business by investing in a website or even just looking to re-design your existing website, then it pays to give consideration to the web design itself. Failing to provide input for your […]

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Responsive Web Design: The New Industry Standard

Why responsive web design is considered to be the industry standard today In the past few years, technology has gone through tremendous changes; especially when it comes to smartphones. In fact, in 2015, Google announced that mobile phone internet traffic surpassed desktop traffic. This is certainly big news, and as more and more people shift towards mobile devices, digital marketing is also turning towards this trend. As a developer who has specialised in responsive web design on the Gold Coast […]

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What to Expect from Responsive Web Design

From the moment the Internet became available, until today, many things have changed. At first, in order to access the Internet, and to check the content on a certain website, there were only desktop computers, laptops, and a bunch of cables. At some point, mobile phones were included in the group of devices from which you could access the Internet. In order to allow users to check the website content, a mobile version of the website needed to be created. […]

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Best Content Sliders for responsive web design

Developing a responsive web design from scratch is quite irrelevant for most web designers given the fact that there is plenty of free code online to enhance your design. Naturally, any good design incorporates a wide scope of interfaces from accordion widgets to dropdown menus. Another popular choice that has become inexhaustibly stylish lately is responsive image carousels or otherwise referred to as Content Sliders. Its often hard to find a responsive content slider for responsive web design, so in […]

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