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How important is Consistent Branding on a Website

Imagine running a business without a brand. It’s indeed unimaginable! Every business, just like every human being, needs to have a name for identification. Why do you think you can hum a company jingle or recite a product slogan? The answer to this is very straight and simple: consistent branding.

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Arranging Your Website’s Centerpiece

Whether you’ve chosen to lay everything out on a single page, or to create a more conventional “gateway” website with a lot of links in columns, a good website design is always like a good photograph. It needs to have a single focal point. It has to have a subject. Before you get started, you need to decide on this subject.

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Mastering the Single Page Layout

The single page layout is one of the most challenging layouts to master in web design. Web designers need to put every element together so that a single unified effect is achieved. Of course, the limitations can have its perks. Stripped of the freedom to redirect to several pages all at once, the single page layout, when it’s good, is as powerful as an artwork.

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Supersized Images in Website Design

When you’re designing your website, you always have to think about how fast the pages would load on browser. This means dodging, as much as you can, high resolution images or other decorative elements that serve no purpose at all.

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