Website design to watch in 2015

2015 is officially here with us. Expect several developments that are surely going to cause a lot of buzz. What are some of the features that a successful website should have these days? Are you a web designer and want to know how some of these advancements will impact the way you design your websites? Web design is a diverse and vibrant industry that is evolving and changing rapidly. However, you also need to understand that web design is not an end product but an asset in the presentation of your projects, something that connects you with your potential clients.

This article gives a sense of where web design is headed in 2015. Bear in mind that these are assumptions but are surely something to ponder over. So what are those trends?

Natural Stock Photography

Natural stock photography became huge in 2014. So did all that come to an end, or there is more to expect? The truth is that 2015 will also see this trend coming a long way in a bid to provide more amazing photos for web design. I guess this upsurge is as a result of the “do everything and anything you wish” type of license.

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One-Color Dominance

More and more websites will move to the use of a single color especially for backgrounds, image overlays, type and buttons. This strong accent in a single color puts more emphasis making it more memorable. The objective of this is basically to associate a brand with that specific color.

Video Backgrounds

This is one other ultimate experience for portraying intentions, emotions and speaks out better than any picture. This trend rose up quickly in 2014 and will surely see more growth in 2015 with an even greater impact on web design.

Unique Navigation Menus

Beginning with the sticky and floating menus, we will see even more creative solutions in the world of web design and navigation. Pop-ups, slide down, slide up, dynamic animations, secondary information, spiced up with imagery will assist in creating very memorable browsing experiences.

Cards & Tiles

Tiles or card web design will continue to grow in 2015. Pinterest is definitely the giant in this design trend which means we will also see more ecommerce websites and blogs that employ this web design technique.

Fixed Blocks

Most of us already understand how to use navigation menus and sticky sharing bars. In 2014, most web designers proved that some other elements such as sidebars of a web design can easily be fixed to perform a great job. In 2015, expect to see even more sites with some of these fixed blocks.

Subtle Parallax

Heard of the trend that most people love and hate at the same time? We have witnessed a significant number of websites lately adopt this trend. Unfortunately from the UX perspective, a too much parallax should be avoided since it may break your web designs and ruin the entire experience. In 215, expect to see more of these subtle parallax animations and scrolling that add an awesome touch of high end feelings to websites.

More Scrolling

Hate scrolling? If you do, then it’s going to bother you even more in 2015. The truth remains that a greater number of people enjoy scrolling. Long single-pagers with a variety of transitions and interactions will happen in 2015 with digital storytelling taking another bold leap as far as that unified experience and easy to flow scrolling is concerned.


One perfect example of hand-drawn illustrations is the popular Dropbox icon. For a long time, illustrations have been known to be part and parcel of great web design. Now, 2015 is going to see even more beautiful illustrations incorporated into website experiences to represent a brand, connect with visitors and tell the entire story about your business.

Big Data/Graphs

Big data and graphs are gradually becoming even more important especially in the technology industry and web design. Expect to see even more graphs, interactive data projections and charts in 2015. All of these will be complex, sophisticated, unknown but very engaging beautiful.


Overall, expect to see the current web design trends getting bigger and bigger each day. While the major focus will still be on high quality imagery and huge typography, it’s definitely going to be exciting to witness what some of these trends will turn into as far as the web design arena 2015 is concerned. Looking into the future, despite the fact that not every web design trend will cause an impact, there will always be continuous development. Newer patterns emerge with each day. Do not be afraid of trying some of these new things, bearing in mind the fact that we are all making attempts towards accessibility and simplifications, now and in the future.

All these are entirely at our disposal. You always have the option of adjusting with the trends as long as you feel it’s really worth it, particularly for the field of web design. Find out more about our Brisbane & Gold Coast web design service by visiting Alternatively, call me (07) 55 687 515 to get help now.

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