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Mobile Website – What are My Options

If you are thinking about creating a mobile version for your website, there are various different options that you can select from: Responsive Website Design with Media Queries A responsive website is a site that will adapt and respond to the screen size and behavior of the user. The idea with this type of website design is to reorder and resize the design, adapt columns, typography and images according to the size of the screen and browser, orientation and resolution […]

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Bootstrap – Sleek, Intuitive, And Powerful Front-end Framework

Bootstrap was recently introduced by Twitter. It is a CSS style library for web application developers that need a little help with designing. This toolkit includes modals, buttons, grid layouts and a lot more and it works on almost every type of browser. What Can You Do with Bootstrap? The value of Bootstrap is enhanced with Less preprocessor. This adds additional functionality to the framework and makes it much more useful. Bootstrap does offer a demo page where users can […]

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How important is Consistent Branding on a Website

Imagine running a business without a brand. It’s indeed unimaginable! Every business, just like every human being, needs to have a name for identification. Why do you think you can hum a company jingle or recite a product slogan? The answer to this is very straight and simple: consistent branding.

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Old School Fashion: Bringing the Tradition of Print Design Online

There’s a growing stress on typography and the magazine layout these days as more and more web designers turn to old school strategies for inspiration. It’s a good thing they are, too. The fusion of print and online publishing practices is an interesting one.

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Installing Panic Buttons or Get-out-of-Flash Links

When you’re considering the design of your website, always put yourself in the website visitor’s shoes. Not all website visitors have fast internet connection. Not all of them will be viewing your website from flash-compatible gadgets. While flash videos give websites an “edge” because they look more modern and are, without a doubt, fancier, flash videos can take forever to load.

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