To Flash, Or Not To Flash – Pros And Cons Of Flash Based Websites

One of the biggest consternations among webmasters is whether they should use flash in their webpages or not. To some people, flash can make a webpage look good and appealing in the eyes of the visitors. It can add to the promotional value of the website. However, the most important thing here is that the visitors must be able to reach the website through the search engines or through any other method to appreciate the flash that’s on the page

Tips For Choosing The Right Domain Name

How important is a name in this world? How important is your name? Your name is your identity. Parents even strive to hone the child after the name he/she has been given, and it is human psychology that tries to adapt to the given name, so a Hercules will stand arms akimbo, while a Jeannie will have a mischievous, magical glint in her eye. Name is equally important in the virtual world.

Spam prevention – How to stop unwanted emails

Spam is one of the most concerning aspects of emailing as it can jam your mailbox with unwanted mails and sometimes is the root cause of a virus or spyware attack. According to a survey conducted by Sophos, US and China top the list of countries that receive spam while Asia is at the top of the continent list with 35.2% followed by Europe at 28.5% and North America at 24.2%. The question is: is there a permanent solution to spam?

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