Amateur Mistakes: What to Avoid to Effectively Market your Website Online

Have you ever wondered why some websites just effortlessly get more traffic than yours? You’ve tried to apply everything you’ve read and known about niche marketing. Still, nothing seems to be working. You’re still on page two or three of the search engine results page. What are you doing wrong?

How To Get To The Top Of Yahoo!

The Yahoo! search engine is the number one engine of the world in terms of the number of searches it gets. Of course, Google is more popular, but Yahoo! get more business. For that reason, it would be wisest for you to try and optimize your website for both these search engines. But the problem is, Yahoo! works differently from Google. In this article, let us see how you can use your SEO strategies to make your website rank higher on Yahoo!

How Google Webmaster Tools Can Help Your Website

As a webmaster, your primary endeavor will surely be to rank highly on Google. Google is the world’s most popular search engine and when people have to look for information on the Internet, they will mechanically type in their browser address box. That is the reason why you must know the way Google works. This really helps you improve your website’s Google rankings, which means more traffic and hence better business to you.

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